Why are HEPA Filters so Expensive?




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  1. Does the size of the “commercial” purifiers contribute contribute to the cost/noise level? The blast looks much larger than the typical consumer air purifier. The improved performance:cost ratio could be (in small part) due to the relaxed marketing constraint on size. This is an obvious effect of good engineering: make the filter bigger!!

    • That’s a great point, Alex! The Blast’s biggest selling point is it’s quiet operation and huge clean air output. That’s because it’s able to pack a huge filter inside its body. Smaller air purifiers will have smaller HEPA filters. That means that to increase the airflow, you need to increase the fan speed – more noise.

      At Smart Air, our philosophy is that good engineering will both lower the cost of the purifier AND increase its effectiveness. That’s why we talk about cost-effectiveness – price and effectiveness together.



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