The Sqair Air Purifier



The Sqair is the world’s most cost-effective air purifier. The Sqair packs a CADR of 315cbm/hr, all packed into a sleek, modern design. Never before has clean air looked so good.


The Sqair - world's most cost-effective purifier



The Sqair is a simple and inexpensive home purifier designed from the ground up to do one thing: clean air. And it does that one thing really well. Enjoy the best clean air experience in your bedroom for under ฿4000.

No more unnecessary functions or yet another app for your phone. The Sqair does one thing: it cleans air. And it does that one thing really well. Use it in your bedroom for fresh and healthy air when you sleep. Or use it in your study. Its portable compact and sleek design allows it to fit anywhere in your home.

Cleans a 40m2 room in just 25 minutes.


1 Minimalist fresh air

Simple 1 – 2 – 3 speed control for easy on-off

Sqair Minimalist European design
No hype, no markup   2

Cleaner air for an honest price. Crafted to increase effectiveness and lower cost

The Sqair gives no hype, no markup, just clean air
3 Simple and elegant

It looks the part. Warm and cozy European beechwood legs.

Sqair Simple Elegant design


More Clean Air, at a Fraction of the Price.

The Sqair gives you the most clean air per dollar of any purifier in the world, and it’s quieter too. On high, it sounds like soft rainfall. This is up to 13 decibels quieter than the hugely popular Xiaomi purifier, yet provides more clean air for a lower price.

Quieter than all major purifiers



Protect yourself against Thailand’s smoke and haze season. The Sqair’s H11 HEPA filter removes harmful pollutants like PM2.5, dust, and viruses, giving you cleaner air in your home. Add a carbon filter to remove smoke and odours.





Paint odour









*The carbon filter is an optional add-on. Not everyone needs carbon, so we let air-breathers choose whether they want carbon or not.

You’re currently viewing The Sqair – Standard Pack

Want to filter smoke and odours too? Check out The Sqair Chemical Warfare pack »


Smart Air Sqair air purifier specifications


Your Purchase Includes 1 × Sqair Air Purifier (includes 1 × HEPA Filter), 1 × Detachable cord, 1 × Smart Air Handbook
Colour Matte White
CADR (m3/h) 65 – 180 – 315 (low – mid – high)
Sound (dB) 23 – 43 – 52 (low – mid – high)
Power Consumption (W) 6 – 18 – 38 (low – mid – high)
Power Supply 220 – 240V/50-60Hz/ Plug type:
Safety Certifications Smart Air purifier CE safety certificateSmart Air purifier CQC safety certificateCE Certified (LVD/EMC/RoHS) | CQC | GB/T 18801-2015 Certified
Recommended Room Size Up to 40m2
Dimensions L × W × H (cm) 33 × 33 × 37
Shipping Weight 6.0kg
Product Manual Click to view the Sqair Manual

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น้ำหนัก 6 kg
ขนาด 38.7 × 38.7 × 35 cm

The Sqair Air Purifier จาก 7 รีวิว

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mathew John

    Have been using the sqair for the last week. its beautifully designed, works silently in the background even on the highest fan speed and brings down particulate counts in my bedroom very quickly.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I purchased this sqair to replace a large and loud xiaomi purifier in my bedroom. I’ve used it for over three months and still absolutely love it. I usually use it overnight at level 1, very quiet, but can still feel it is working. I haven’t replaced the filter yet but they seem to have a reasonable price, too. Overall, I’m happy with this product and would recommend to my friends.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Buy this, breathe deep, and never look back. A no nonsense quality product that is super effective, quiet and stylish (because we do all actually need to show off to the neighbours). I’ve been buying from SmartAir since they launched. This is the best product to date and the affordability of the unit and new filters is unquestionably the best offer on the market.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Have had The Sqair since it’s launch. It’s the best air purifier I have come across in the last 15 years (and I had them all!). Quiet, effective, and a great design. Well done!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Juliet Lim

    Love it! 😍 Using the sqair in my bedroom and planning to get the Blast Mini for my (double volume) living room. Air feels clean and the stuffiness in my nose and throat when I wake up is gone!

    • Smart Air Thailand

      So glad to hear you love it! 🙂 Breathe safe Juliet

  6. 5 out of 5


    I have been using The Sqair for a while now and I must say it does really work well. I love it! No more allergies for me. It is cost effective and has a very stylish design. This is probably the best air purifier. 👍

    • Rachel Chung

      Great to hear that Kayreene! Fellow air-breathers will be very glad to know that it helped with your allergies 🙂

  7. 5 out of 5

    Prottay H.

    The Sqair works. One of the best investments I’ve made. Easily pays for itself many times over in terms of tangible benefit to my health and reduced sick days and medicine. Will get one for my office as well, probably.



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