DIY1.1 HEPA滤网 – 1年套餐


DIY 1.0使用:4个HEPA滤网(1片滤网可使用3个月)


Your Purchase Includes                                  4x Cannon HEPA Filter

Type                                                                      H12 (99.5%)

Colour                                                                  White with black rim

Lifespan (hours)                                                1000

Dimensions L x W x H (cm)                            30 x 2 x 30

HEPA滤网可以过滤PM 2.5这样的微小颗粒,并且一点儿都不贵!我们直接从工厂进货,所以我们可以帮你省去中间的差价。我们的HEPA滤网尺寸是296*296毫米。


  1. Eanna

    I had the cannon fan & HEPA filters shipped to ireland to treat my sensitivity to fibreglass insulation dust in a 25m sq basement (no windows). I had tried to clean the air with expensive vax & blue air systems but neither performed well. The smart air cannon system is WAY better at this particular job – and I’m not quite sure why!! Shipping to Europe is expensive but well worth it. I totally recommend this system & am ordering more filters now.


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