DIY HEPA Filter – 1 year pack

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We ran tests using our Original DIY purifier, and found that you should change your filters after around 140 days (in Beijing air). This means a pack of 4 HEPAs should last you a year.

For Original DIY:

4 filters (to last you a year)

For Cannon:

4 filters & pre-filters (to last you a year)


HEPA filters are what trap small particles like PM 2.5, and they’re not expensive! We buy ours straight from the factory so we can pass the savings on to you.  Our HEPA size is 296 by 296mm and the thickness is 23mm.



Your Purchase Includes 4x DIY HEPA Filter
Type H12 (99.5%)
Colour White with black rim
Lifepsan (hours) 1000
Dimensions L x W x H (cm) 30 x 2 x 30

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2 reviews for DIY HEPA Filter – 1 year pack

  1. Stephen Pan

    My family and I have been using SmartAir purifiers and filters for the past three years. Super affordable and super effective. 赞!

  2. Eanna

    I had the cannon fan & HEPA filters shipped to ireland to treat my sensitivity to fibreglass insulation dust in a 25m sq basement (no windows). I had tried to clean the air with expensive vax & blue air systems but neither performed well. The smart air cannon system is WAY better at this particular job – and I’m not quite sure why!! Shipping to Europe is expensive but well worth it. I totally recommend this system & am ordering more filters now.

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