Our Mission


Smart Air is a social enterprise and B-corp that combats air pollution by delivering cost-effective air purifiers and providing open-source data on air pollution.


We set up Smart Air is a social enterprise to change the way people breathe clean air. Smart Air creates simple, no-nonsense clean air tools, and uses open-data knowledge to empower people to make the smart choice when breathing air. Smart Air now operates in 5 countries, ships its purifiers to over 50 countries, and has provided its open-data knowledge to more than 2 million people across the world.

Smart Air fulfils its mission through two routes –


Smart Air provides free, open-source data and content on air pollution, to educating people and raise awareness about the harms of air pollution. To date, we have conducted over 500 air pollution workshops protecting 13,000+ people, and have over 300 articles covering air pollution topics in our open data knowledge base.

Clean air tools

Smart Air ships simple, cost-effective air purifiers, masks and other tools that help people prevent harm from air pollution. Our purifiers and other clean air tools are the most cost effective on the market, and have protected over 100,000 air breathers in more than 30 countries since we started.


Mission statement

Download Smart Air’s full mission statement here


Certified B Corporation

We’re proud to be one of only a handful of Certified B Corporations working and operating in China. What does this mean? It means that we’ve been independently verified by B Lab for our social, environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

The air purifier industry is one of the most opaque industries in the world. Companies charge obscene amounts for technology that was invented over 70 years ago. Smart Air was created to combat this and provide simple, open and honest purifiers and data to air breathers around the world. Being a B Corp is just one way of showing how we’re different.
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