Our Mission


In 2013, Smart Air was set up as a social enterprise. That means we’re not driven by investors or huge profits, we’re driven by the urge to improve the world we live in.

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When we found out all air purifiers are made from the same two basic components – the fan and the filter – we were shocked. Air purifier companies were trying to hide the truth, and make us believe we had to pay big bucks for clean air. On top of this, we found misconceptions about air pollution and air purifiers were widespread.

Smart Air set up with a mission to dispel the myths around air pollution, and teach people that clean air is simple and available to everyone. Ever since set up, we’ve been running air pollution workshops and providing open source data and research on air pollution to help achieve this mission.

Honest & Affordable Purifiers

After seeing how much purifier companies charge for air purifiers, and the reality on what they should cost, Smart Air set about creating real affordable and effective air purifiers. Don’t take our word for it: the simple, no-nonsense air purifiers we created are backed by thousands of hours of research and open data.