Meet the clean air team


In 2013, Smart Air was set up to get clean air to more people without the huge price tag. Along the way, our team has grown into a collection of passionate entrepreneurs who are doing everything they can, all over the world, to get more people clean air.

Our story

The Smart Air Team




Thomas Talhelm, Chicago

Thomas built his first DIY in Beijing doing PhD research in cultural psychology. Since then, he somehow managed to get a job as a professor at the University of Chicago. When he’s not leading Smart Air, Thomas studies cultural differences between northern and southern China.


Anna Guo, Beijing

Anna helped Thomas assemble his first DIY air filter in 2013 and has been tolerating his incessant particle counting ever since. Now she runs tests, orders materials, and manages team projects for Smart Air. In her spare time, Anna enjoys photography, yoga, tea, and French film.


Paddy Robertson, Beijing

Paddy is a graduate in aero engineering and a trick of several trades. He manages the China business and leads product development. Outside of the office he’ll be climbing or trying to fit in with the locals doing Tai Chi.


Dhariyash Rathod

Dhariyash Rathod, Delhi

Dhariyash has a masters’ degree in Micro-electronics from TU Delft. He leads the India team in Delhi and loves conducting workshops to raise air pollution awareness in India. In his free time, Dhariyash loves to ride bicycles, run, travel and eat lots of rice.


Julian Fox, Beijing

Julian is a former Princeton in Asia fellow and graduate of Johns Hopkins University. He helps Smart Air expand abroad and is passionate about social entrepreneurship. A self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur, Julian enjoys studying languages and exploring Beijing’s hutongs.


Esther Wang, Chicago

Esther is Smart Air China’s customer service lead and prior to the recent epidemic of babies in her life, she enjoyed music, dancing, traveling, and ultimate frisbee. And she hopes to enjoy them again someday.


Jia Wen, Beijing

Jiawen is a recent graduate from Communication University of China. She joined our team in 2018 and handles our social media communications. Outside of work, she enjoys studying foreign languages, traveling, biking, Chinese calligraphy, and sketching.


Sun Lina, Beijing

Lina joined the Smart Air Team after completing her postgraduate study of Sustainable Development at Uppsala University in Sweden. With a business management background, she is devoted to sustainable development. Lina like scuba diving, bouldering, and exploring remote places globally.


Hailian Hao, Beijing

Hailian manages Smart Air’s online sales and customer service. Away from the office she enjoys making all manner of things sweet and tasty, sometimes bringing them along to the office if we’re lucky.


Lyrio Woldring, Manila

Lyrio runs Smart Air in the Philippines and enjoys the education and outreach aspects of her work. She has a degree in Legal Management and is a Licensed Nurse and Midwife. In her free time, she loves travelling, interior designing, dancing, and rocking with live bands and dinner dates with her hubby.