A partnership for clean air in Europe

Smart Air and Auchan partnership for Sqair clean air in Europe

How to get The Sqair from Auchan



  • France
  • Hungary
  • Luxembourg
  • Mauritania
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Senegal
  • Spain
  • Tajikistan
  • Tunisia
  • Ukraine



To pick up Sqair, visit an Auchan store in the 13 countries listed. The Sqair is available under the Qilive brand, with a model number Q.6815. Note: we recommend calling ahead to make sure they have the purifier in stock!


What is the Auchan store doesn’t stock the Q.6815 air purifier?

We recommend emailing Auchan’s customer support,
or contacting them via social media to ask for availability
of the Q.6815 air purifier where you are.


Smart Air & Auchan’s Business For Good

Smart Air Sqair and Auchan Qilive Q.6815
The Sqair packs a huge amount of clean air in a beautiful, elegant European design. Smart Air developed the Sqair with Auchan to bring simple, effective clean air to as many people as possible.By partnering with Auchan, we can provide even more people across the world with simple, effective clean air.

Qilive Q.6815 air purifier

The story behind your Q.6815

In 2015, Smart Air wanted to build a simple, no-nonsense air purifier that would look and work great to bring clean air to more people.

Story behind Qilive Q.6815 Air PurifierDriven by a mutual mission of reducing the health effects of air pollution, Auchan partnered with us to create this streamlined, cost-effective Sqair (Q.6815).

Combined with Auchan’s deep experience in product design and Smart Air’s team of air pollution nerds, The Sqair is CE certified, uses responsibly sourced materials, and is free from harmful chemicals and materials.

What the Smart Air and Auchan Qilive partnership brings

What This Partnership Brings

By working with Auchan, we’ve been able to make The Sqair even more beautiful, cost-effective, and available to thousands more air-breathers across Europe!

If you’re an air breather in an Auchan country, know that this partnership has brought you a little more clean air at the most cost-effective price. All whilst supporting a social enterprise combating air pollution across the world.

Breathe safe!