Determining When to Change Your HEPA Filter

Use this simple tool to determine how often you need to replace or your air purifier’s HEPA filter. It just takes 4 simple steps:

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    Need a Fresh HEPA Filter?

    A dirty filter can reduce the performance of your air purifier significantly, giving you less clean air.

    Nerd Corner

    Dive into what factors affect your HEPA filter’s lifespan and the details on how often you should change your HEPA filter here: How to Know When to Change Your Air Purifier’s HEPA Filter »

    How this Calculator Works

    This calculator uses air pollution data from the World Health Organization to calculate the approximate time a HEPA filter will last in a specific country or region [source]. A HEPA filter is deemed in need of replacing once the its effectiveness at providing clean air has dropped to 50% of its initial value.

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