Affordable Air Purifiers

Winter has arrived in UB, and pollution levels have soared to dangerously unsafe levels. Clean air doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. Simple, affordable and effective air purifiers and masks are all you need to protect yourself from air pollution. Check out the Smart Air shop to see what purifiers and masks we offer, or contact [email protected] directly!

60,000 MNT DIY air purifier

The DIY1.1

For 110,000 MNT, you’ll get the simplest air purifier out there: a fan, a HEPA filter, and a strap. It comes pre-assembled and is available in Ulaanbaatar now!.

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The Cannon

Stronger fan, lower particle counts, and faster clean air. If you’re looking to clean a larger area, check out our powerful Cannon air purifier. Same HEPA filter, just pushing more air through it.

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HEPA filters

HEPA filters are what trap small particles like PM 2.5, and they’re not expensive! We buy ours straight from the factory so we can pass the savings on to you.



We think if more people knew how air purifiers works, they’d think twice about paying hundreds of thousands of MNT for clean air. Check out the Particle Counting Blog, attend a workshop.

Number of clean breaths delivered in Mongolia:

DIY Air Purifier Kits: with two fan options

The Original

The Cannon

110,000 MNT

200,000 MNT

Original DIY Air Purifier Cannon Air filter


(average percent reductions, based on 8-hour tests in a 15 m2 bedroom)

Original air purifier effective and cheap Cannon air purifier

Purification Speed

(based on a 1-hour test in a 1 m2 bathroom with a source of PM.5 pollution. Get the full story here.)

Speed of air cleaning original DIY air purifier Cannon air filter cleaning speed

Suitable for normal-sized rooms
(< 16 m2).
Quieter than the Cannon air filter.

Suitable for larger spaces
(at least 30 m2)
and anyone wanting clean air fast.

Check out the Particle Counting blog for more details.