Honest Air Purifiers

No tricks. No gimmicks. Fair price.

Simple, Honest Clean Air.


From ₱1,475

Small, compact, portable air purifier for on the go clean air.


From ₱6,300

Stylish and effective air purifier. Designed for homes.

Blast Mini

From ₱22,275

Fast cleaning air purifier & long-lasting filter. Perfect for up to 85m².


From ₱28,325

Extremely powerful, yet crazy quiet. Good for large 130m² spaces.

  • “DIY entrepreneurs have developed ingenious—and affordable—products to satisfy the public’s insatiable demand for pure air.”
  • “For those who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for an air purifier, there is an alternative.”
  • “At about $15 a HEPA, that’s a lot of savings over big international brands like Philips with comparable results.”
  • “A basic air purifier will set you back $800. But what if there’s a simple but less costly way to achieve the same effect? Now there might be.”
Low price best air purifiers in the Philippines

The Simple Truth About Clean Air

Air purifiers are simple. But big purifier companies in the Philippines charge crazy prices for them.

At Smart Air, we are different. We’re a Manila-based social enterprise that offers incredible air purifiers at an honest price. Don’t believe us?

Watch: How Our Purifiers Fight Pollution

Purifier vs. Smoke - Meet the Purifiers Fighting Bad Air [FULL LENGTH - PIANO]

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Why Are Our Air Purifiers Different?

In 2013, we created a $30 low price air purifier that turned heads. Our reliable & low cost air purifiers are a message that the best air purifiers don’t need to be expensive. Smart Air is here to spread this message in the Philippines.

Clean Air Blog

We publish open data tests and articles covering the best air purifiers in the Philippines, Philippines air pollution, and simple steps on how to protect your health.


We run free, clean air workshops in Manila and across the Philippines teach people how to find the best air purifier and to protect their health.

Our Impact

We’re not driven by profits, but by a mission to protect people across the Philippines


Air purifiers shipped


countries breathing Smart Air

$6 million

saved for air breathers

20 million

people educated


educational workshops held


health-focused articles

Shop smart, shop Smart Air

Providing simple & effective air purifiers and HEPA filters for the Philippines.

Purifiers for up to 40sqm

Purifiers for large spaces

Replacement Filters

Air Quality Monitors

Smart Air low cost purifiers

Smart Air is a social enterprise that creates simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and provides free education to protect people’s health from the effects of air pollution. We are proud to be the only certified B-Corp dedicated to fighting air pollution.

Certified B-Corp air purifier company