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The Blast Air Purifier is a high-powered, hospital-approved air purifier which filters PM2.5, bacteria, viruses including COVID-19 and more. Its simple design is easy to use and perfect for cleaning large spaces like schools, hospitals and offices.

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Clean Air

130m² (1400 sqft)

Coverage Area


Noise Level

An Industrial Air Purifier for Large Spaces

  • Industrial air purifier for offices, hospitals, schools and large apartments
  • Cleans large rooms up to 130m²/1400 sqft, or an average American household
  • 2 year warranty
  • Simple and Robust. Easy setup with proven, hassle-free design.
  • Helps with allergies, asthma and sinus problems.
  • Quiet and minimal design. Sounds like light rainfall
  • Easily movable with lock-tight wheel design
  • Incredible filter lifespan: replace your filter only once every 2 years
  • H13 HEPA (99.95% efficiency). Suitable for use in health facilities like hospitals and clinics
  • Optional carbon filter. Filters smoke, odors and chemicals.
  • , and certified

Powerful and efficient for large spaces – your lungs will have a “Blast”!

The Blast Mk II is our simplest yet most powerful air purifier. It’s a powerful fan and huge HEPA filter  – all packed into one minimalist box.

We’ve spent thousands of hours tweaking every part of the Blast’s design to make it a powerful yet quiet industrial air purifier. All for an affordable, cost-effective price.

2000 m³/h Airflow 950 m³/h Clean Air (CADR)

Backed up by Open Data Tests

Alright, this photo is staged! But aeronautical engineer Paddy really did run over 200 tests on noise, particle capture, wind speed, and power usage. Because of this, the Blast Mk II can be a powerful yet quiet air purifier. And you don’t have to believe us. All this is backed up by thousands of hours of open data in our Clean Air Blog.

The Blast Mk II gives out as much clean air as 1.54 Coway AirMega 400S in an hour.

That’s a whole load of clean air for large spaces!

Don’t break the bank

Our purifiers (and filters!) are the most cost-effective in the world. Save $75 on your clean air annually, when compared to Coway AirMega 400S’ filters. At Smart Air, we firmly believe that clean air shouldn’t be a luxury. Many purifier companies stuff their purifiers with unnecessary gimmicks to drive up the prices. We too were subject to the exorbitant prices of clean air.

The Story of Smart Air

Smart Air Youtube

That’s why we simplify our purifiers to the bare essentials – a fan and a filter. Clean air at the simple turn of a dial.

Silent as a Sea Breeze

The Blast Mk II’s powerful fan and refined engineering give you extra-quiet clean air that sounds like a gentle sea breeze.

A huge fan and an oversized HEPA mean that the Blast Mk II can pump out more clean air at lower noise levels. With its quiet design, the Blast Mk II is ideal for those sensitive to noise, or those just wanting a good night’s sleep. Unlike most air purifiers for large spaces, the Blast Mk II is the strong, silent type.

Use it anywhere

The Blast Mk II air purifier covers large spaces up to 130m², or 1400 sqft. With that type of muscle, the Blast Mk II can cover big apartments, offices, or gyms.

(Or run it on low in a normal apartment, and you’ll have the quietest clean air on the block.)

Use the Blast Mk II in your:


The Blast Mk II’s whisper-quiet operation lets you enjoy clean air and peaceful sleep.

Living room

The Blast Mk II’s powerful filter can purify large apartments of allergens and viruses.


Clean air while you work. Don’t let your homes be the only spaces with clean air.


The Blast Mk.  II’s H13 HEPA filter makes it suitable for health facilities, like hospital rooms or clinics.

Choose your filter

The Blast Mk II air purifier offers 3 levels of protection to filter out a range of particles and allergens. Its H13 HEPA filter is ideal for capturing allergens and viruses, making it the perfect purifier for those with allergies and sinus problems.

1. Pre-Filter
  • Removes dust, lint, pet fur and human hair
  • Captures larger particles so your HEPA filter lasts longer
2. Carbon Filter
  • Add a carbon filter to your Blast Mk II if you need to remove odors
  • Absorbs formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful gases
3. H13 HEPA Filter
  • Effectively filters 99.95% of PM2.5, dust, allergens and viruses
  • Tested to be effective for 5280 hours, just shy of 2 years if used 8 hours daily

Why Hospitals Love the Blast Mk II

Clean air is especially important for crowded hospitals and medical facilities. The Blast Mk II’s H13 grade HEPA filter traps 99.95% of viruses and bacteria, making it extremely effective for use in health facilities. Hospitals around the world are using Smart Air’s powerful industrial air purifiers to help filter out the virus in their facilities, and the Blast Mk II is popular in major hospitals around the world for COVID-19 protection.

The Blast Mk II against COVID-19

A common concern is whether HEPA filters can filter viruses like the COVID-19 coronavirus. HEPA filters removes particles greater than or equal to 0.3 microns, but virus particles are smaller. The coronavirus measures 0.06 to 0.14 microns in diameter. So are air purifiers powerless against viruses? Actually, HEPA filters actually work great at capturing viruses. This is because a HEPA filter works not like a net, but through a process called diffusion. Learn more about how this works here.

Hear it from others!

Manila Doctors Hospital has been using Smart Air purifiers in the Emergency Room, which has really helped decrease the infection rate among us, healthcare workers. That’s why I am confident Smart Air purifiers really work!


2022 Blast Mk II Updates

Air Outlet Redesign

Improved looks, higher airflow, more clean air.

Rear Air Inlet

Removal of metal wire guard for a cleaner finish, easier to slide pre-filter in/out.

Pre-Filter Upgrade

All plastic design for thinner, lighter, easier to clean design. No more loose mesh.

Pre-Filter Screws

Hand twist screws for ease of use, more polished design.  

HEPA Upgrade
Lighter with easier to handle environmentally friendly cardboard frame.

We’re Featured!

What’s inside a Blast

Purifier companies can make obscene profits when most people don’t understand how purifiers work. Here’s the honest truth: a purifier is a fan + a filter. In this case, that fan and filter are just really big.

Technical Specifications

Your Purchase Includes 1 × Blast (includes 1 × Blast Air Purifier and 1 × HEPA Filter), 1 × Wire cord, 1 × Smart Air Handbook
Colour Matte White
Dimensions L × W × H (cm) 57.5 × 33 × 123
CADR (m3/h) 450 – 680 – 950 (low – mid – high)
Noise Level (dB)

 37.9 x  – 43 – 51

(low – mid – high)

HEPA Lifespan (W) 22 months (5280hrs, running 8hrs per day)
Power Consumption (W) 47.8 – 82–118 (low – medium – high)
Power Supply 220 – 240V/50-60Hz/ Plug type: (Type I)
Safety Certifications Smart Air purifier CE safety certificateCE Certified (LVD/EMC/RoHS) | CQC | GB/T 18801-2015 Certified
Recommended Room Size Up to 145m2
Product Manual Click to view the Smart Air Blast Manual

*What is CADR and how is it different from an air purifier airflow? Learn more here »

Which Purifier Should I Buy?

Choosing the right air purifier can be difficult for first-time buyers. Here’re some important things to consider:

1. Know Your Purpose

Do you have any particular needs? HEPAs are enough for allergies and asthma, but recent renovation may require a carbon filter.

2. Know Your Size

The Sqair purifier is ideal for bedrooms, but larger spaces like offices or hospitals may require the more powerful Blasts.

3. Know the Costs

The main costs of air purifiers are filter replacements. Different purifiers have different HEPA lifespans and costs.

Smart Air Family

QT3 effective portable air purifier
QT3 Sqair SA600 Blast Mini Blast
Room Size

Personal Space

40 m²

55 m²

85 m²

130 m²

Effectiveness (CADR)

40 m³/h

315 m³/h

500 m³/h

740 m³/h

950 m³/h

Max Noise

44.5 dB

52 dB

52.5 dB

49 dB

43 dB

HEPA Lifespan 7 months 6 months 8 months 13 months 22 months

The Blast FAQs

Are Smart Air purifiers better than other air purifiers?

Smart Air purifiers use the same cleaning principle as most other air purifiers. The technology behind air purifiers is not complex, and readily available.

However, Smart Air is the only air purifier company committed to transparent communication through open-data. We avoid overcomplicating our air purifiers with high markups and marketing gimmicks. Smart Air purifiers are honest, data-backed, and streamlined to do one thing: clean air. And because we don’t overcomplicate things, our purifiers are some of the quietest and most energy-efficient on the market.

Can Smart Air’s purifiers filter COVID-19?

HEPA filter air purifiers like Smart Air’s have been shown to filter out COVID-19 viruses, and lower transmission. View the CDC data on how HEPAs reduce COVID-19 transmission here.

What pollutants does the Blast Mk II filter?

Smart Air purifier’s HEPA filters capture many types of particulate air pollution, including nanoparticles as small as 5 nanometers (1/10th the size of COVID-19) to 30 μm (the size of pollen). The whole range includes viruses, bacteria, PM2.5, PM10, pet allergens, dust, and mold. An additional activated carbon filter can be added on top of the HEPA filter in all of Smart Air’s products. The carbon filters can absorb VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as formaldehyde, paint thinners, petroleum fuels, or dry cleaning agents. Carbon filters also remove odors. Learn which filters you need in our in-depth guide on air purifier filters.

Learn which filters you need in our in-depth guide on air purifier filters.

Where should I position my Blast air purifier?

Smart Air tests show the position of an air purifier in a room does not matter, as long as: 1) The air purifier is at least 6 inches (15 mm) away from the wall. 2) The air purifier is strong enough for the room it is in.

How to know when it is time to replace the Blast’s HEPA filter?

We recommend replacing the Blast Mk II filter every 21 months. But the truth is the exact time depends on many factors such as the number of hours used and local pollution levels. The most accurate way to determine when to replace a HEPA filter is to use an air quality monitor. Learn More: How to use an air quality monitor to test a HEPA filter

3 reviews for Blast Mk II Air Purifier

  1. 5 out of 5

    Manpreet Singh

    Absolutely loved this product.I have been using it for a couple of months, and can feel the difference in the air.Works smoothly. Almost noiseless.

  2. 5 out of 5


    These are awesome. We have one in our bedroom at full blast constantly and have never considered it loud at all. We watch films fine and don’t even notice it. And we sleep in perfectly clean air… seems like a pretty good deal to me! Thanks guys!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Great service, delivered promptly before expected. Seriously notice the difference when I plugged it in and it is only summer.
    I’m not sure what everyone is talking about, referring to noise etc. the unit is pretty damn quiet…
    thanks team, I will recommend your product to other ex-pats like myself. Cheers ?

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