Blast Air Purifier


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Order the Blast today! We think the Blast is a purifier that’s going to blow your socks of (quite literally)!

(we also have the smaller Blast Mini purifier which pumps out almost as much clean air in a smaller box, take a look!)

Technical Specifications

Nose levels (low, med, high)38, 43, 48dB

CADR 890cmb/hr (525cfm)
Rated airflow 1800cbm/hr (1060cfm)
Maximum Area 130sqm
HEPA lifespan 6–12 months
Equivalent to how many Cannons? 6.6


  1. timothy.percevecz (verified owner)

    Love it!
    To say the least. As a new ex pat in China, buying an air purifier could have been a real headache, but Smart Air helped immensely. I did my research and it made sense to choose SmartAir. It arrived quickly as it had to be shipped. A couple of days after using it a friend with an egg that reads air quality stopped by and honestly, I was concerned. Even told my wife perhaps we are better off not knowing because if we don’t like the results, what could we do?
    That wasn’t a worry because the results were better than expected. Phew.
    I know quite a few people who have bough purifiers since they moved here and I am 100% confident I made the best decision to purchase from Smartair. Some who already bough a purifier are considering buying a SmartAir because their more expensive machines are not cleaning their air nearly as well.

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