Worldwide Orders

Worldwide Shipping Costs

We can ship our purifiers worldwide for an extra cost. Shipping the DIY fans and Blasts can be quite expensive, as they are bulky items. As a way to save costs, you can get the HEPAs directly from us, then find a local fan that will work with our HEPAs.

DIY, HEPA and Blast shipping costs

After you place your order, we will email you with the shipping cost for your order. If you’d like a rough estimate of the shipping costs before you order, email our logistics pro Liz, telling her exactly which items you want to purchase and the quantity of each item.

As a very rough example, DIYs cost approximately US$30 – $50 to ship by air, and Blasts/Blast Minis cost approximately US$300-$500 to ship.

International Customs Fees

International customs fees vary depending on the destination country. We can’t give an exact figure of customs fees before shipping. They are paid by the receiving party when the package arrives in the destination country. Please be ready to contact your customs office once your order has shipped, incase of any complications. There is a possibility your order may be returned to us without it ever passing getting through customs. If this should happen it would incur a second shipping fee.

Can it be delivered to my door?

We can’t guarantee door to door delivery. Depending on your destination country, it is possible the customs office will require you to collect your order in person. Please make sure you enter a valid phone number during shipping so that customs can contact you in case there are any problems.


Our warranty works by sending purifiers back to our factory to be replaced or fixed. That means it’s impractical to offer a warranty on orders outside of Mainland China. If you are able to return the purifier to Mainland China, we can honour the Mainland China 1-year warranty and fix the purifier for free, but shipping costs to/from Mainland China would need to be covered by you.

International Shipment Insurance

International shipments are covered in the case of lost goods during shipment, but not for damaged goods. Unfortunately the shipping service we use cannot provide insurance for damaged goods. We do our best to package the purifiers in sturdy and robust boxes. If you are very concerned about damage during shipment, you can contact us when you place your order, and we can package any Blasts in a wooden container to protect it (approximately 300-500RMB extra). Shipping the Blasts in wooden containers will also increase shipping costs.

Become a distributor

We’re always looking for ways to bring inexpensive and effective clean air to more people. If you’d like to distribute Smart Air and bring clean air to your country, fill in our distributors form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!