QT3 HEPA Filter Replacement

QT3 effective portable air purifier

The lifespan of the QT3 HEPA filter varies depending on where you live, and how you use your QT3. If you use your QT3 in a one of the following places, it may reduce the lifespan of your QT3 HEPA filter include:

  • Houses with large amounts of pet hair and pet dander
  • Dusty environments or areas close to busy roads
  • Environments with windows open regularly, that have higher pollution levels than normal.

We recommend you check your QT3 HEPA filter regularly to see if it’s clogged up and need changing. Do this by opening up your QT3 and checking the inside surface of the filter.

If the inside surface of your HEPA filter is black or contains large amounts of dust, it may be time to replace your HEPA filter.

How Long Will the Air Purifier’s HEPA Filter Last in My Country?

You can calculate how long the QT3’s HEPA filter will last based on the pollution levels in your country or region by using our air purifier HEPA Filter lifespan calculator. Select the QT3 as the product, enter your country and then enter how long you use your QT3 every day. You will then get an estimate of the QT3 HEPA filter’s lifespan where you are.

Calculate how long your HEPA filter will last

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