The Sqair

The world’s most cost-effective air purifier

Sqair air purifier front view

The truth behind your air purifier.

Air purifiers are surprisingly simple. But for years, big air purifier companies have over-charged and over-complicated air purifiers. The Sqair fights the status quo, bringing you simple, no-nonsense clean air.

Sqair air purifier top down view

The Sqair was designed to do one thing – clean air. And it does that one thing really well.

The world’s most cost-effective air purifier

The Sqair is the most cost-effective purifier in the world. Period. You don’t have to take our word. See the data:

Sqair cost-effective cheap air purifier compared to xiaomi blue air

Get simple, no-nonsense clean air in your life today.

Smart Air is a social enterprise that creates simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and provides free education to protect people’s health from the effects of air pollution. We are proud to be the only certified B-Corp dedicated to fighting air pollution.