How Long Do the Blast and Blast Mini HEPAs Really Last? – Supplemental Article

Estimating Lifespan from the DIY 1.0 Longevity Tests

The Blast HEPA is 20 times bigger than the DIY 1.0 and it is made of the same material. Thus, is it reasonable to think that the Blast HEPA will last 20 times as long? Not really, because the Blasts push more air and clean bigger rooms, so they’re capturing more particles. Thus, when we calculated the longevity, we took the higher airflow into account to get these estimates:


longetivity Blast vs. Blast mini


But there are more problems. These theoretical values don’t account for other differences, like the fact the Blast and Blast Mini have pre-filters, which should increase the lifespan of the HEPAs.

For that reason, it’s best to check these theoretical equations against real-world tests on Blasts that have been used in Beijing air. The results from the two methods were nearly identical. Hooray for data!

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