The SA600: 6 Things to Know About Smart Air’s Latest Air Purifier

1. Who Is the SA600 Designed For?

The SA600 is designed to clean larger spaces in your home that would be too large for a typical room air purifier. These areas include living rooms, kitchens, basements, and other public areas. With this in mind, we designed the SA600 to look great in your home, unlike many large-room air purifiers on the market.

In addition, our goal was to create an air purifier that would blow the competition away on many important features, including noise levels, safety, and energy costs. Below we share some of these unique design features of the SA600.

2. What Can the SA600 Filter Out From My Air?

Every SA600 comes with 2 HEPA filters, 2 carbon filters, and 2 pre-filters. This allows the SA600 to remove 99.97% of ALL particles from the air, as well as dangerous gases and unpleasant odors.

2. Many Times Quieter Than Other Purifier Brands

The Smart Air design team prioritized creating a powerful air purifier that stands out from others on the market by being exceptionally quiet. In fact, on medium setting, the SA600 emits sound levels quieter than that of a light rain, allowing you to breathe easy without any distracting background noise.

3. Dual-Inlet Design

Thanks to its innovative dual-inlet design, the SA600 can purify air from both sides simultaneously, achieving a CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 500 m3/hr with remarkably low noise levels.

4. Power: CADR of 500

On high, the SA600 can clean a 55 sq m (590 sq ft) nearly 4 times every hour, with a CADR of 500 m3/hr. This makes the SA600 great for larger areas in homes.

5. Safe Design: No Ionizers

Unfortunately, major air purifier brands such as Blueair, Xiaomi, Levoit, and others add harmful ionizers to their air purifiers as a cheap way to increase CADR. At Smart Air, we take pride in our commitment to designing the safest and most effective air purifiers on the market, without ever cutting corners. Smart Air will never use ionizers in its air purifiers.

6. Save Big $ on Energy Costs

On medium, the SA600 uses just 9 watts of electricity. This is 85% less electricity than a box fan! Even at such low energy usage, the SA600 still has a CADR of 260 m3/hr.

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