The Newer, Cuter DIY Filter

My collaborator Gus Tate suggested we work with our HEPA manufacturer to get smaller, square HEPAs. Now we’re convinced the DIY filter just got a lot cuter:


Cute and kicks PM2.5 in the pants.

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1 thought on “The Newer, Cuter DIY Filter”

  1. Can we try for cuter yet?

    How about taking a quiet little computer fan and adding one of those elastic-rimmed circular filters that you put on a gasmask-style respirator? The elasticated ones seem to be particle filters; maybe a carbon filter could go inside behind it.

    OK, it would be smaller-throughput, and you’d have to change it more frequently, but it would be very cheap and you could run it off a solar panel. Could you possibly test such a thing?


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