Smart Air Marketing & Business Development Head. Come join our clean air mission!


Smart Air is looking to boost its impact this winter by bringing a marketing and business development enthusiast on board. Got marketing knowledge or experience growing meaning social projects? Come to join a fast-growing social enterprise of people spreading the knowledge that simple, no-nonsense air purifiers help people breathe clean air.

Detailed Tasks

  • Seek out and develop leads for our B2B air purification projects.
  • Work with the India Head to come up with marketing and sales strategies for Smart Air’s growth throughout this season
  • Get stuck in with the day to day running of a small, rapidly growing startup.
  • Expand and develop Smart Air’s network of education partners across India, and run air pollution workshops to provide advice on air pollution to those in need.
  • Identify other business opportunities within the prospective client organization, developing them into leads and closing them successfully
  • Support and assist in logistics and sourcing of Smart Air’s simple yet effective pollution-fighting devices.


A self-starter, highly organized, and entrepreneurial individual with strong business development and marketing skills, analytical, project and time management skills and communication skills, a high degree of professionalism, and a flexible, collaborative spirit. The ideal candidate is highly motivated by the mission.


  • Fluency in English is mandatory, and proficiency in Hindi would be awesome, but not required
  • Marketing and communication (social media, media etc.) experience desirable
  • Market analysis and lead-finding skills and experience highly desirable
  • Startup or social enterprise experience, working in an international environment is desirable
  • Exceptional people skills with the ability to build and grow user relationships
  • Self-motivation and independence to get tasks completed efficiently
  • Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced degree (e.g. Master of Business Administration) preferred
  • 2+ years related work experience

Location: Based in New Delhi, you’ll be working out of our office in Lado Sarai, but working with our international team in China, Mongolia, US, and Philippines.

Time commitment: A minimum commitment of 18 months. This will give you the opportunity to help make a meaningful impact on the air pollution industry in India.

Reports to: Dhariyash Rathod, Head of Smart Air in India. Our management style is flat and we’re fast-paced. Join the team and you’ll soon become an integral part of Smart Air.


Smart Air is a small social enterprise. We keep our margins as low as possible so that we can help more people afford clean air. That means we can’t offer huge salaries, but compensation will be competitive and based on experience. The more you help Smart Air grow, the more you will be rewarded!

How to Apply

Send an email with your CV and a cover letter (applications will not be considered if they are not accompanied by cover letter) explaining what got you interested in air pollution and why you want to work at Smart Air to dhariyash[at]smartairfilters[dot]com. The deadline for application is 10th October 2018.

That’s it! Looking forward to hearing from you, and pass on this job description to friends whom you think might be interested. Breathe safe!

Smart Air Installs Custom HVAC Air Purification System at The University of Chicago Center in Delhi

The Problem

The University of Chicago Center in Delhi contacted Smart Air during the summer of 2016 to design and install a purification system in their 17,000 square foot office located in central Delhi. Despite it’s great location, the U Chicago Center had a problem of high particulate matter inside the building. Like love, air pollution knows no boundaries and affects rich and poor alike. Adding to the problem, there is a multi-story parking garage behind this building that generates a lot of vehicle pollution.

The Building Situation

U Chicago wanted to purify their air using their central air system, rather than installing multiple standalone purifiers around the office. Standalone purifiers are often cheaper, but they take up space. Smart Air designed a system that could be hidden in the false ceiling of the building and integrated into the air conditioning system the building already had.

The Design

Smart Air’s engineering team designed a custom purifier system. The office already had an air conditioning system, but it was taking polluted air from the outside, cooling it, and distributing it throughout the building. That meant the first job was to purify the incoming air.

Smart Air built a custom air purification unit with HEPA filters and installed it at the inlet duct of the air conditioning system. This made sure that clean air was getting into the air conditioning system.

Another issue was that polluted outdoor air leaks into the office around doors and windows. To tackle this problem, Smart Air installed another large purifier in the ceiling to continuously clean the inside air. This entire setup is hidden and works silently behind the scenes.

Here is the entire story in pictures:


Does it Work?

Smart Air tested the air in the building before and after installing the purifier system. Smart Air has also published open-data comparison tests of these air quality monitors against the US government gold standard PM2.5 detectors, so we know they are accurate. In the morning before the purifiers were installed, indoor air was at 39 micrograms. The World Health Organization’s annual safety limit is 10 micrograms!

After all the work was done, the air inside got down to a pristine 3 micrograms:

When we visited again in 2017, we compared indoor and outdoor air. Even with lots of people coming and going from the office, indoor air had just 25% of the particulates of outdoor air.

We also provided U Chicago with an air quality monitor so they can track their air quality.

The Cost

Smart Air believes that if most people saw the data behind purifiers, they wouldn’t pay hundreds of thousands of Rupees for clean air. Air purifier technology is simple—fans and HEPA filters. But big companies charge high fees because many people are scared and don’t understand how air purifiers work. Smart Air is a social enterprise that is dedicated to open data and transparent testing. Because of our social mission (and because we cut out the distributor and retail middlemen), Smart Air can design top-notch purifier systems at half the cost of purely for-profit companies.


Fill out this form to see what Smart Air can do for the air in your office, school, or business.

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