Air Pollution Lowers Productivy

Air pollution makes employees tired, unproductive, and sick. Protect them. Protect your business.

Thailand is breathing Smart Air

Air Pollution Harms Your Business

Scientific studies have found air pollution lowers productivity and shortens attention spans in offices and schools. In business, this can lower revenue. In schools, this can harm performance.

Call Center Study

A growing body body of research suggests that air pollution affects our productivity, even at our indoor desk jobs. On days with severe air pollution, works at Ctrip call centers in Beijing handled about 20,000 fewer calls.

The Sqair

The perfect air purifier for small office rooms
CADR 315 m³/hr

clean air

15-40 m²

Ideal for bedrooms



6-12 months

HEPA life span

3,800 THB

The Blast Brothers

Blast Mini

  • Up to 85 sqm
  • CADR: 585 m³/hr
  • H13 HEPA (99,95%)

13,990 THB


  • Up to 130 sqm
  • CADR: 890 m³/hr
  • H13 HEPA (99,95%)

19,990 THB

No gimmicks! More clean air!

By cutting out unnecessary add-ons, we’re able to give you more clean air for a smaller price. See for yourself

Corporates breathing Smart Air

Mittare Insurance
Amount of Units
  • 63 Sqairs
  • 42 Blasts
UNHCR Bangkok
Amount of Units
  • 38 Sqairs
  • 16 Blasts
  • 10 Laser Eggs
Piyavate Hospital
Amount of Units
  • 50 Sqairs
Magic Years Int. School
Amount of Units
  • 35 Sqairs
  • 2 Laser Eggs
Amount of Units
  • 4 Sqairs
  • 6 Blasts
  • 2 Laser Eggs
French Embassy Thailand
Amount of Units
  • 10 Sqairs
  • 6 Blasts
  • 4 Blast Mini
Pinturami Limited
Pinturami logo
Amount of Units
  • 10 Sqairs
  • 5 Laser Eggs

Monitor Air Quality in Hospitals

Air pollution and high PM2.5 ratings are rising issues in Thailand. Especially pregnant women, the elderly, children, and people with health conditions are vulnerable to dirty air. Kaiterra air quality readers provide accurate and fast detection of air pollution and help to keep hospitals a safe zone.

Display and manage air quality

The Kaiterra dashboard lets hospitals display and share air quality with visitors, relatives, and medical staff. Track connectivity, trends to analyze historical data to identify issues and optimize the hospitals environment.

Smart Air low cost purifiers

Smart Air is a social enterprise that creates simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and provides free education to protect people’s health from the effects of air pollution. We are proud to be the only certified B-Corp dedicated to fighting air pollution.

Certified B-Corp air purifier company