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The new 3-in-1 air monitor from Smart Air measures CO2, temperature and relative humidity.

Long-lasting with a battery life of up to 30 days, our low-cost monitor gives you the flexibility of choosing the alert thresholds and the frequency of recording. 



CO2 monitor from Smart Air - adjust thresholds for alerts
Low cost CO2 monitor from Smart Air
CO2 monitor from Smart Air - set notifications

CO₂ Monitor Technical Specifications

CO₂ Monitor user manual

CO₂ Monitor battery lifespan calculator (Excel, download to change the drop-downs)

CO₂ Monitor - set up instructions

Your Purchase IncludesIncludes 1 × CO₂ Monitor, adhesive hook, charging cable, user manual
Dimensions L × W × H (mm)77 × 77 × 28
Weight (g)129g
RangesCO₂: 400 ~ 9999 ppm
Temperature:m-20 ~ 50°C
Humidity: 0 ~ 99.9%RH*
Power Supply5V – 1A / USB-C cable (5 watts)
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Sensors x3CO₂ (NDIR), Temperature, Humidity
CO₂ sensor lifespanStress tested for >10 years
Screen size61 × 49 mm
NetworkWi-Fi or NB-IoT or LoRa
Warranty1 year
* Do not place this product in environment with humidity higher than 90% for long term use

Battery Information

Battery TypeLithium (2600mAh)
Battery LifeApprox 35 days when uploading every 10 mins

The CO₂ Monitor FAQs

Why would I choose a CO2 monitor when the QP Lite also does particles?

This has more features relevant to CO2 monitoring where this is the primary concern. It offers longer battery life (up to 30+ days depending on settings), is wall mountable, has the ability to set colour thresholds and has an optional buzzer on device. This makes it ideal for schools and businesses, but also for consumers that want a longer battery life.

How do I customise the settings?

Download the Qingping IoT app on your phone and follow instructions to link it to the device. Once added, click on the device within the app and click on the abacus on the top right (settings). Here you can name the device, create groups (if you have more than one device), set the thresholds for recording and uploading. You can also set the recording for CO₂ levels while on battery power (see FAQ on battery lifespan).

I am sensitive to EMFs and want to reduce them while measuring air quality. Do the Smart Air monitors produce EMFs?

The manufacturer has confirmed that it may be difficult for the air monitors to be set to airplane mode or block the surrounding signal. The good news is such device is essentially a signal receiver, which means as long as it is not actually connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it will only emit negligible EMF in comparison to a router or smartphone. A device picking up your monitor doesn’t mean they are connected and you can ask smart devices, such as TV or smartphones, to ignore your air monitor to avoid any unwanted connections. It isn’t easy to shut down the connection, or cut off the signal, on monitors as they are mainly operated via Apps, as are most monitors on the market.

How long is the battery life?

The battery can last for up to 30 days depending on your settings (frequency of recording, frequency of uploading and frequency of recording CO₂ when on battery power). The default setting is around 30 days, the minimum is 3 (in temperatures under zero degrees) or 6 days (in temperatures above zero degrees). We will try to put together a calculator that gives you a better idea of lifespan according to your chosen setting.

Do I need to reset the CO₂ sensor?

Our air monitors are calibrated at the factory and uses auto-calibration. This means that you shouldn’t need to calibrate again as long as the device is exposed to CO₂ levels of around 400-500ppm (outdoor temperature) for a few hours every month. If the device is not getting enough exposure to outdoor levels, the sensors may drift over time. If this happens, you can reset the CO₂ sensors in the Settings accessed via the app.

If you need a more accurate reading, the auto-calibrate can be switched off and you can rely on regular manual resets but for most people, we recommend keeping the auto-calibrate switched on.

If your indoor environment is dusty, you may need to calibrate more frequently.

Will the CO2 monitor fit inside the top compartment of the QT3?

Sadly not, it is wider and deeper than the compartment hole

Can I connect it directly to my Home Assistant server without using the cloud?

It requires internet to upload and transfer real-time and historical data. It doesn't connect to Home assistant, Alexa or Google directly, it uses Bluetooth to pair with the app once and and then uses WiFi for general data transfer

2 reviews for CO₂ Monitor

  1. 5 out of 5

    Chris (verified owner)

    I have owned the monitor for a couple of weeks and find it very straightforward to use. The screen is easy to read. I carry it in a small open weave pouch attached to my bag in public areas, this works well. Good value for money.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Robert Larner (verified owner)

    We already own the QP Lite and the most obvious advantage with this new CO2 monitor is that it is lighter and thinner which makes it a lot easier to carry in the pocket. It also has a much longer battery life.

    I was worried that the display might be harder to read but had no complications when I was out and about. It also has a nice little bracket for mounting it on the wall (however, I will probably not be using that).

    I am very pleased with is so far and, overall, this looks like a nice alternative to the QP Lite that is (even more) portable!

    Oh, and very quick delivery 🙂

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