Blast FFU Air Purifier


The Blast FFU Air Purifier is a powerful FFU (fan-filter-unit). Simple and low-cost, yet effective. The Blast FFU uses a huge fan to send high volumes of air through a large HEPA filter, giving clean air for spaces up to 135sqm.

If you want to filter VOCs and things like formaldehyde, you can also add in an (optional) carbon filter.

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In one minute, a Blast can give out the same amount of clean air as 5.7 Blueair 203’s. That’s a whole load of clean air!

The Blast contains a huge fan, and an oversized HEPA, this means the it can pump out more clean air at lower noise levels. You’ll hardly notice the Blast when running it.


What’s inside a Blast

Shipping options: available for mainland China, Hong Kong, India, and the Philippines

Technical Specifications

Nose levels (low, med, high) 38, 43, 48dB
CADR – high 890cmb/hr (525cfm)
CADR – med 680cmb/hr (400cfm)
CADR – low 507cmb/hr (298cfm)
Rated airflow 1800cbm/hr (1060cfm)
Maximum Area 130sqm
HEPA lifespan 6–12 months
Equivalent to how many Cannons? 6.6

What is CADR and how is it different from an air purifier airflow? Learn more here »


  1. timothy.percevecz (verified owner)

    Love it!
    To say the least. As a new ex pat in China, buying an air purifier could have been a real headache, but Smart Air helped immensely. I did my research and it made sense to choose SmartAir. It arrived quickly as it had to be shipped. A couple of days after using it a friend with an egg that reads air quality stopped by and honestly, I was concerned. Even told my wife perhaps we are better off not knowing because if we don’t like the results, what could we do?
    That wasn’t a worry because the results were better than expected. Phew.
    I know quite a few people who have bough purifiers since they moved here and I am 100% confident I made the best decision to purchase from Smartair. Some who already bough a purifier are considering buying a SmartAir because their more expensive machines are not cleaning their air nearly as well.

  2. Ak (verified owner)

    Strong but…LOUD.

    I wanted to love this unit but overall I am disappointed and give it 2 stars. The Blast cleans the air very well but it is not quiet. I have a small, 2 bedroom apartment in Dalian, China and bought the Blast specifically thinking I can run it on low (quiet) mode. But there is a big problem.

    The Blast produces an annoyingly loud, electrical buzzing sound. How loud? It is very audible at low speed. For me and my wife, the buzzing is too loud to run the Blast at the low speed (quietest) setting, which is why we bought the filter. It is a shame because the fan speed at low is quiet but the buzzing is intolerable. If you have the TV or music on all the time (meaning you sleep with one of them on) its probably ok but we like quiet so no go. At medium speed, the fan does a pretty good job of hiding the sound of the buzzing. I can tolerate it at medium but if you are sensitive to noise pollution it will probably bother you. The fan at medium is a bit loud. Depending on your acoustics and lifestyle (ie you like a quiet house, you have many hard surfaces) you may not like it. At high you can’t hear the buzzing but for our size apartment that is too loud. Moreover, we bought the Blast specifically for the low/quiet mode. In short, if you buy this and you don’t like a buzzing electrical sound (and have an otherwise quiet place – meaning you aren’t always watching TV or listening to music), plan to run it at medium or high. Another problem related to the noise: I can’t run this in a 14 sq meter room with the door closed because at medium it creates too much circulation and at low I hear the irritating, buzzing, electrical sound. For a single bedroom that is 15 sq meters this unit is too strong unless you can tolerate the low speed buzzing sound.

    Perhaps I have a defective unit. If not, I am unhappy with this unit and feel the claims of it being quiet are misleading. SmartAir does a great job of being transparent, which is a rare thing, but in terms of full disclosure on noise for this item they dropped the ball unless, of course, I have a defective unit and they can replace it (then I would be thrilled and give this 10 stars). If I knew this about the product, I would have kept looking or maybe bought the mini Blast. At the moment, I sort of feel cheated. I invite Smart Air to fix this problem and, in the meantime, inform customers about this issue.

    What about the air quality? On the upside, the filter a superb job of cleaning the air. I don’t have a particle counter but my lungs want to take a deep breath for the first time since I’ve been in China. Note: I don’t have the carbon filter because Dalian air is bad due to PM (not gases) and I don’t have new furniture/fixtures, etc so no off-gas.

    I find the unit costly at 1,980 yuan (~$310). It is the same as competition except for the Xiaomi, which I didn’t consider because it is too loud. But I wish SmartAir was pushing the envelope on price for all their units and not just the DIY option.

    It is bulky and heavy but comes with great wheels and it looks pretty nice. It also sports a quality electrical cable but I wish the cable was a couple feet longer.

    • Paddy Robertson

      Hi AK, Paddy here from the Smart Air office in Beijing! Thanks for writing the long review and giving us all this useful info. That buzzing noise you’re getting with the Blast sounds really frustrating. It certainly sounds like you’ve got a defective unit, just as you guessed. Most likely it’s the motor, which has a 2 year warranty on it, so we can definitely get you a replacement unit. It sounds like we did drop the ball in your case and a faulty machine slipped through our testing. Send us an email at [email protected] and we can work out how to get you a new machine.

      Your point that the Blast is not pushing the envelope on pricing can be explained in a couple of ways. First of all, the ‘bang for your buck’ of this machine is still much much higher than other similarly priced machines (we’ve worked hard to pack as big a HEPA as possible into the machine whilst still keeping the costs down). Similarly priced machines may only have a CADR in the range of 300-400cbm/hr, whereas the Blast has a CADR of 890cbm/hr. We also did make a conscious decision when designing the Blasts to go for a better finish and higher quality than previously (for example, coating the whole machine in white paint as opposed to leaving parts as ‘bare metal’, or sourcing a bigger/more effective HEPA filter and carbon material). These things have definitely brought the costs of the machine up, but we did work very hard to get the balance between cost and quality right for the Blasts.

  3. Ak (verified owner)

    Awesome reply. My wife and I are so happy. We are tickled pink that we this unit will be truly silent! It is a sign of what I felt to be true about SmartAir. Mistakes happen so its the response that is the measure of character. A company that quickly takes responsibility for mistakes is rare and commendable. Regarding pricing: I appreciate the detailed response.

  4. AH (verified owner)

    Overall, we are satisfied, and this Blast clears air really well. Its a good product. but this is nowhere near “really quiet” or “hardly notice the Blast when running it”.

    The first one, we could hear high tone buzzing sound, and sent an email about it. someone from the company said he went ahead and shipped a new one to us. fair enough. It arrived the next day.

    I am not sure if this the norm, but the current one is not so quiet either. Same as the poster above, we also have small 2 bedroom apartment. If you play music or watch TV all the time, or your apartment is really big, maybe? but I wouldnt describe this as “quiet”. I think its misleading to say that. We have 6! other purifiers, and this is the biggest and loudest among all when its at low and mid setting.(when its at high, its pretty quiet compare to others)

    I would like to mention that, If you are okay with Chinese language, probably better to buy smartair products through taobao. I bought it from this website. It took time for me to get a reply by email, wasnt sure where to contact. called the number listed on the website, they first couldn’t locate my order, and I was bit worried. taobao is more straight forward about where to contact, order#, when it will be shipped.

    • Paddy Robertson

      Thanks for the comments AH. Paddy here again, I run Smart Air in Beijing. We’ve had a few small issues with some of the Blasts and the buzzing noise, but we’re working on fixing that. The issue with this sound is not that it’s noisy, just that it’s at a certain frequency which can seem irritating. Much like the hum of a fridge!

      Esther, who manages our email is based in the US so you’re right that there is sometimes a bit of a lag getting responses by email. Taobao is certainly the Chinese ‘norm’ and easier, but we still want to make it as easy for us foreigners living in Beijing to get hold of clean air affordably. I’ll work on seeing what we can do to solve this lag.

      Breath safe

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