Indoor Air Quality Audit


In a Smart Air Indoor Air Quality Audit we will test:

  • Indoor and outdoor PM2.5 and PM10 levels
  • Indoor VOC levels
  • Indoor CO2 and ventilation
  • Effectiveness of any installed purifiers
  • Air pollution issues arising from central air (HVAC) systems
  • For leaks and pollution sources in your home


What’s a Smart Air Indoor Air Quality Audit ?

Through one-to-one interactions and a details audit report, our mission is to provide you with a better understanding of your indoor air quality conditions. The Smart Air Indoor Air Quality Audit aims to give you the power to make informed and educated decisions on how to protect yourself from air pollution.

We test:

  1. Outdoor air pollution levels and potential pollution sources in the vicinity
  2. 5 types of pollutants: PM2.5, PM10, CO2 and Formaldehyde and VOC levels
  3. Already installed air purifiers to measure their efficiency, and provide details on best practices
  4. Air leakage in and around your apartment to provide insights on where your air pollution is coming from

Smart Air engineer testing

How to sign up

  1. Place an order for a Smart Air Indoor Air Quality Audit
  2. When completing your order, provide details of the address to perform the audit, and a preferred time for you.
  3. After placing the order, one of Smart Air’s engineers will confirm the time and location via email or phone.

What do we do during and after the audit?

  • Analyse outdoor air pollution around your apartment/building and search for local sources of pollution
  • Enter each room and collect PM2.5, CO2 and Formaldehyde measurements using professional grade equipment
  • Perform room-tests for your purifiers to analyse the effectiveness of your current solution for reduce indoor PM2.5 levels
  • Check for leakage around windows and provide assessments on how to reduce indoor pollution
  • Write an Air Quality Audit Report tailored for your home/office with information on effective means of reducing air pollution and active steps you can take.


Smart Air Air Quality Audit Report

Air Quality Audit Report

The audit report is the cornerstone of the Smart Air Air Quality Audit. Following our testing, we will provide a detailed report outlining pollution levels in each area tested, along with recommendations and outlines on how you can best breathe clean air. The audit report can be provided in English or Chinese language, or both for an additional small fee.




Service Terms

Location: Beijing: Haidian, Chaoyang, Xicheng, Dongcheng, Shunyi districts (all areas within the Beijing 6th Ring Road)

Testing Area: Price above covers apartments and offices up to 150sqm. Larger apartments, offices or schools will incur an additional fee of 300RMB per 100sqm.

Smart Air’s goal for the home audit is not to generate a profit, but to help more people understand their own personal air quality circumstances and to provide education and suggestions on how people can get more clean air. Our audit price reflects this, and is well below what most companies would charge.

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