Mask Testing Service

Smart Air can provide mask testing services to test the filtration and fit effectiveness of masks and materials. Contact us if you have a mask or material you hope we can test.

Mask Material Effectiveness Testing

Do you have a mask design or material that you want to test for its filtration effectiveness? Or perhaps you want to verify the filtration effectiveness of a mask you have already purchased.

Smart Air can provide mask testing services to test the filtration efficiencies of masks and materials through our testing lab in Beijing, China. We will use our range of testing equipment to perform tests similar to those we have performed and published. With this, we can provide you with the information you need.

Our Turnaround Time Guarantee

We understand that there is an urgent need for testing of masks and materials at this present time. That is why we’re providing a guarantee that we can provide you with a report on your masks within 5 working days of us receiving your samples in our laboratory. This is much, much shorter than the typical 3-6 week time frame typically required for testing masks.


How The Testing Service Works

After contacting us and confirming you requirements, you need to send 2 samples (measuring 10cm x 10cm or bigger) to our testing lab in Beijing, China. We will then proceed to test each sample 4 times using our relevant equipment, measure the material effectiveness at filtering 0.3 micron and 1.0 micron particles.
The testing method follows as closely as possible both European Standard EN 149:2001 methods and China GB2626-2006.

Smart Air mask and material filtration efficiency test certification

Smart Air Testing Report

After completing the tests, we will provide you with a Smart Air testing report, which you can use for your own Quality Assurance purposes, or for sharing with the general public. An example test report is shown below:
Smart Air mask efficiency fit test testing services sample report

Testing Equipment, Standard Details & Claim

Our list of testing equipment includes:

  • MetOne GT521 Laser Particle Counter for testing the filtration efficiency of materials
  • Wind tunnel with integrated pitot tube & Testo 510 Digital Manometers for testing breathability of materials
  • PortaCount Fit Test machine for testing the fit factor (leakage) of masks

The air flow is 85L/min, as per the NIOSH-42C FR84 test standard. We do not neutralize particles. We actually use ambient air pollution for our tests. We’ve found that our tests correlate closely with the official test results from 3rd party testing organizations.


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