Best Place To Put Air Purifier in Room

Where is the Best Place To Put Your Air Purifier?

“Where should I place my air purifier” is a common question people have when getting an air purifier. Does an air purifier’s position affect its performance? Is it best to put an air purifier next to a wall? This post provides a data-backed answer on how to best place your … Read more

Car Air Purifier: Scam or Not? [2022 Guide]

What is the best car air purifier? What are the features to look out for when buying a car air purifier? Are car air purifiers even necessary? In this article, we answer 5 of the most common questions people ask us about car air purifiers. 1. Are Car Air Purifiers … Read more

Portable Air Purifier Review: QT3 vs. the Competition

The QT3 is the newest addition to the Smart Air HEPA air purifier family. It’s small, compact, and lightweight, which makes it great as a portable air purifier. But it’s not the first ‘portable’ air purifier on the market. So how does the QT3 portable air purifier compare with existing … Read more

Does the QT3 Portable Air Purifier Work?

The QT3 is a small, portable air purifier designed to provide a bubble of clean air on the go. Even though the QT3 is not designed for cleaning entire rooms, our tests show it is effective at cleaning small rooms up to 15 m2. That raises the question, is the … Read more

Can the QT3 Air Purifier Clean a Whole Room? Real World Test

The QT3 air purifier is a light and compact air purifier, designed to clean a pocket of clean air around its user. But how well does it clean an entire room? Smart Air ran a series of tests in our office meeting room to find out.                                          The QT3 Air Purifier … Read more

Choosing the Best Air Purifier For Churches [3 Step Guide]

Air purifiers are proven tools to reduce COVID-19 spread in indoor spaces such as churches. But choosing which air purifier is best for a church and how many are needed can seem complicated. In this article, we take you step-by-step on how to choose the best COVID-19 fighting air purifier … Read more

The Hidden Costs of Air Purifiers 

Energy costs are often overlooked when buying an air purifier. Although energy efficiency may seem minor, choosing an inefficient purifier can incur large electricity costs. In this article, we discuss how to choose an energy-efficient air purifier and also analyze the electricity costs of running some popular air purifiers. Comparison … Read more

Do portable air purifiers work?

Wearable Air Purifier Necklaces: Do They Work?

Small, wearable air purifier necklaces have become popular to protect against viruses and other pollutants. They’re small, lightweight, portable, and fairly cheap. Here’s one on Amazon claiming to eliminate germs, dust, viruses, and more from the air. In the Philippines, President Duterte has been seen wearing a portable air purifier … Read more

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