Fast-Growing India Startup Zomato Installs Smart Air Ladakh Air Purifiers

Smart Air installed 91 Ladakh purifiers (we call them the ‘Blast’ outside of India) to India’s biggest food delivery startup: Zomato.



Zomato was moving into their new 100,000 square feet office in Gurugram and needed a solution to give their team clean air. Recent painting, new carpets, and remodeling work meant the Zomato team was facing problems with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde. Along with Delhi’s persistently high PM2.5 levels, Zomato was facing serious indoor air pollution issues that could have caused drowsiness and headaches for their team. Poor indoor air quality has also been shown to lead to lower productivity and increase sick days taken by employees.

What Zomato Got

Smart Air installed a total of 91 Ladakh and Ladakh Mini air purifiers across the Zomato offices. These 91 units were configured in a custom layout by Smart Air to provide a total of 72, 000fm of clean air, whilst operating at sound levels of less than 52dB. If we put that into context: a single Ladakh puts out more than 3 times the clean air as a fancy Swiss-imported IQ Air—at less than 10% the cost.


The Ladakh puts out more clean air at a fraction of the price of the European Imports

Smart Air’s Simple, Effective ‘Plug and Play’ Purifiers Eliminate Lengthy Lead Times

Zomato had a tight timeline. They wanted to move their staff into the new office within 2 weeks. To accommodate Zomato, Smart Air came up with a plan that required no infrastructure. Since the Ladakhs are simple to install, easy to use and don’t require custom configuration, Zomato did not have to wait for lengthy custom manufacturing or build times.


Had Zomato gone for a centralized air system solution, they would have been looking at much lengthier delays, higher installation costs, and a more complicated timeline. Zomato avoided all these through the use of the plug-and-play Smart Air Ladakh.

Test Data Finds 87% Reduction in PM2.5

After installing the units, the Smart Air team set out to audit their effectiveness over 21 days. The data found the Ladakhs brought down PM2.5 by 87%, formaldehyde by 82%, and VOCs by 93% on average across the entire office area.

Why Zomato Chose Smart Air

Why would one of India’s fastest-growing startups choose Smart Air? Smart Air is a social enterprise dedicated to open data and cost-effective clean air—we focus on providing effective, simple solutions that provide the best solution at the lowest cost. In short: Zomato realized that by partnering with Smart Air they could provide their office with clean air that would cost less, be installed sooner, and operate more effectively than other solutions.


Air purifier technology is simple—fans and HEPA filters. Zomato knows this, so that’s why they chose Smart Air.

How can you Bring Clean Air to your Lungs?

Smart Air believes that, if most people saw the data behind purifiers, they wouldn’t pay hundreds of thousands of rupees for clean air. By focusing on that simple science, Smart Air makes simple, effective purifiers without the marketing noise of traditional companies. If you need clean air in your office, school or hospital contact the Smart Air team to bring Ladakh to your lungs.

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