Clean air for business

With our low-cost DIYs, we’ve been providing clean air to thousands of home users since setting up Smart Air. However, we know business users need clean air too! There have been multiple reports of the link between an increase in pollution levels and a decrease in productivity at work and school. Offices, schools and other organizations also need clean air, so we’ve taken the idea of a fan and a filter one step further to industrial-sized fans and filters in order to make clean air affordable for organizations across India. In the past, we have provided businesses with:     

• Air Handling Units (AHU) with HEPA purification
• Ducted air purification
• Gases and VOC purification and ventilation systems
• Custom home and office air purifiers (Floor and ceiling mounted units)

Read about one such project we did at the U Chicago Center in New Delhi.

We want to help more organizations get clean air and improve individuals’ health. If you want to learn more about solving this problem, then get in touch with us through the form below. We also do Air Quality Audits to give people a better understanding of where their pollution is coming from, and the best way of solving these problems.



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