Clean air for business

Smart Air has been providing clean air to thousands of home users in Delhi since 2015. But businesses need clean air too. Research performed by Smart Air has shown that higher air pollution levels lead to lower productivity, and lower revenue for companies. As such, Smart Air is working hard to take the concept of affordable, and effective clean air purifiers to businesses around India, and here’s what we can offer:

• Air Handling Units (AHU) with HEPA purification
• Ducted air purification
• Gases and VOC purification and ventilation systems
• Custom home and office air purifiers (Floor and ceiling mounted units)

Smart Air has already provided air purifying solutions for businesses across Delhi and India. We have completed projects for Penguin Books, Asia Paints as well as the University Chicago Center in New Delhi.

The first step to breathing clean air in your building is to understand the indoor air quality at your premises. Smart Air can provide Air Quality Audits to businesses to give you a better understanding of what pollution problems you might have, and how you can solve them in the most affordable and effective way possible.


Contact us now for more information and to solve your air pollution needs.