5 Simple Steps to Running a Formaldehyde Cookout

Newly renovated apartments and offices typically have high levels of formaldehyde. One of the most effective ways of removing formaldehyde is to run a formaldehyde cookout. But what is a formaldehyde cookout and how do you run one? In this article, we show how to run a cookout in your home or office, in just 5 simple steps.

 What is a Formaldehyde Cookout?

The name ‘cookout’ comes from the idea that you ‘cook’ the formaldehyde ‘out’ of your building. By heating up your building, materials that contain formaldehyde will off-gas more quickly, allowing formaldehyde levels to reduce more rapidly.

Cookout Test: How To Protect Yourself From Formaldehyde/VOCs After Renovation

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WATCH: Smart Air Performs a Formaldehyde Cookout in Newly Renovated Office

How Effective Are Formaldehyde Cookouts?

Tests run by Smart Air show a single cookout reduced formaldehyde 67% from 0.3 PPM to 0.1 PPM. This is one of the most effective methods to reduce formaldehyde levels within just hours.

 How to Run a Formaldehyde Cookout: 5 Easy Steps

Before getting started with your cookout, here are some basic things you should know:

Time required per cookout: 4-12 hours (8+ hours recommended)

Recommended minimum number of cookouts before occupying space: 3

We recommend running each cookout for at least 8 hours. This allows enough time for your room to really heat up, and for the formaldehyde to be off-gassed. In addition, a single cookout test can’t remove all the formaldehyde in one go. That’s why we recommend running at least 3 cookouts before moving in. If you have the time, then running more is recommended.

 Step 1: Seal Room and Turn Off Ventilation 

 Close all windows and doors to restrict airflow in the room. Doing this allows it to heat up more quickly.

Formaldehyde cookout step one: seal room

 Step 2: Heat Up the Room 

Aim to raise your room temperature to around 30-35 degrees C (86-95 F). Research has shown that formaldehyde “off-gases” 1.5-3 times quicker in this environment. If you don’t have an air-con or electric heater, you could use your property’s central heating system.

Formaldehyde cookout step two: heat up room

Step 3: Leave the Room Immediately

Leaving the room prevents you from being exposed to increased levels of formaldehyde!

Formaldehyde cookout step three: leave room

Step 4: Let it Cook!

Let the room cook for at least 4-12 hours (we recommend 8+) to give the room enough time to heat up properly.

Formaldehyde cookout step four: let it cook

Step 5: Release the Built-up Formaldehyde

During the previous step, formaldehyde will have built up in the room. Return to the room, turn off your heating, and open all doors and windows. This will allow the built-up formaldehyde to rapidly escape the room.

Repeat the above 5 steps a minimum of 2 more times.

Formaldehyde cookout step five: release the formaldehyde

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