Renting Air Purifiers is More Expensive Than Buying Outright

Many purifier companies offer air purifier rental services as part of their business model. It sounds great: they offer to rent you an air purifier short term, and you save money in the process.

This simple analysis will show why that system is flawed, and how renting air purifiers is just another way to make air breathers pay crazy high prices for clean air.

Air Purifiers Are Simple Tech, Invented 70 Years Ago

First, let’s clear this up: HEPA filters found in air purifiers were invented over 70 years ago during the Manhattan Project. There’s no patent and they’re not fancy – they’re just simple, effective fiber filters.

HEPA Filter Polypropylene PP


By extension, that means air purifiers aren’t expensive to make either. At Smart Air, we know this. That’s why we offer simple, no-nonsense air purifiers that don’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Smart Air Purifier Puts our More Clean Air & Costs Less Than Other Air Purifiers

The Blast puts out three times the clean air as that Swiss-made IQAir, and costs about 10% the price. Clean air is simple.

air purifiers effectiveness vs. price

If you scale this up to 10 purifiers and the replacement filters needed for 3 years (what a typical 500-1000sqm office might need) then the comparison gets even more apparent.

IQAir vs Blast Mini air purifier costs long term recurring costs

Taking into account the cost of the machines, replacement filters, and power use, you’d save a whopping 86% of your money choosing the Blast Mini and all its replacement HEPA filters over the IQAir – all the while delivering MORE clean air. Looking at the Blue Air as another example, you’d save 58% of your money whilst breathing safer in the process.

Understanding the simple science behind purifiers nets substantial savings!

Blueair Replacement Cost Price Review

What if You’ve Already Got Air Purifiers in Your Space?

Let’s face it, some air purifiers are expensive to buy. If you’ve sunk your costs into a Blue Air or IQAir, you’d be reluctant to switch. However one smart organization did the math, and worked out they could still save by choosing the Blast and Blast Mini…

Why Are Other Air Purifiers & HEPA Filters Expensive?

The cost of some are purifiers are bloated because they’re full of gimmicks and unneeded gadgets. Add on the large margins some air purifier companies take, the money spent on fancy marketing markup and given to middlemen, the costs can increase drastically. Smart Air does none of this.

Smart air air purifiers direct to user no middle man low cost


How Smart Air Saved The BBC $25,000 on Air Purifiers

The BBC Beijing office was already equipped with IQAir’s when they called Smart Air. They were re-renovating their office, and so used the time wisely to re-evaluate their clean air options. They figured out the cost of replacement IQAir filters alone was much higher than switching to the Blast and Blast Mini, meaning they could save a huge amount in the process.


Office Air Purifier Installation


Here’s the calculation the BBC did in their head: over 3 years, how long will it take me to save money if I switch to the Blast and Blast Mini? The BBC took the cost of a new Blast Mini and all its replacement filters into account, and compared it to the costs of replacement IQAir filters.


Recurring costs of IQAir purifier expensive long term costs

The answer: After just 20 months, buying brand-new Blast Mini air purifiers is actually cheaper than sticking with IQAirs!


Bottom Line

Even if you already have air purifiers in your office or home, the data shows that the over-priced replacement filters mean they’re still more expensive than switching to more cost-effective options in the long run.

Smart Air

To sum up, whether you’ve got air purifiers already or not, the Blasts are the smart, data-driven choice. Start breathing simple, effective clean air where you are starting with a free indoor air audit for your office!


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