Can the QT3 Air Purifier Clean a Whole Room? Real World Test

The QT3 air purifier is a light and compact air purifier, designed to clean a pocket of clean air around its user. But how well does it clean an entire room? Smart Air ran a series of tests in our office meeting room to find out.                                         

QT3 portable air purifier

The QT3 Air Purifier Test Setup

We tested the QT3 in Smart Air’s 13 m2 meeting room in Beijing. That’s the size of a typical living room or bedroom, places many use the QT3.

QT3 air purifier tests

We made sure to test on polluted days when outdoor PM2.5 levels were above 70µg/m3, or an AQI of 160. We turned the QT3 on its highest speed, and ran an 8-hour room test, just like the ones we’ve run for our Sqair air purifier and DIY air purifiers. Here’s how the testing setup looked:

QT3 air purifier tests

Test Results: QT3 Reduced PM2.5 by 76%

We calculated the percentage reduction in PM2.5 in an 8-hour test. This measures the percentage decrease in PM2.5 from when the air purifier was turned on, and the last 4 hours of the test.

QT3 air purifier tests

Across the three tests, the QT3 reduced indoor PM2.5 concentrations by 76%. On less polluted days, when outdoor PM2.5 levels are below 50µg/m3, there should be an even greater reduction in PM2.5. This is consistent with our previous tests, which prove that purifiers usually perform better on less polluted days.

PM2.5 Reduces to Below WHO Recommended Levels

In one of the three 8-hour tests conducted, the PM2.5 levels reduced to below the new WHO recommended levels of 5 μg/m3.

QT3 air purifier tests

In the remaining two tests, PM2.5 concentrations were lowered to 9 µg/m3 and 15.6 µg/m3, which were either below or close to the older WHO limits of 10 µg/m3.

QT3 air purifier tests
QT3 air purifier tests

How Quickly Does the QT3 Clean a Single Room?

For all three tests, PM2.5 concentrations were lowered by at least 55% after 1 hour, and more than 70% after two hours.

QT3 air purifier tests

Bottom Line: Bottom Line: QT3 Real World Test

The QT3 can be effective in cleaning rooms up to 15 m2. When outdoor PM2.5 levels were more than 20 times the WHO safe limit, the QT3 managed to keep PM2.5 levels within the WHO levels of 10 µg/m3. QT3 was also able to reduce PM2.5 concentrations by at least 55% after 1 hour, and more than 70% after two hours.

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