The Sqair – Chemical Warfare

4.80 out of 5
(10 customer reviews)
Up to 40m² (430 sqft)


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The Sqair is the world’s most cost-effective HEPA air purifier. The Sqair packs a CADR of 315cbm/hr, all packed into a sleek, modern design. Never before has clean air looked so good.  The Sqair Chemical Warfare has an additional carbon filter to help eliminate odors and dangerous VOC gases.

Smart Air Pledge: 100% of profits go to providing more people with more clean air. 


Sqair Chemical Warfare

Treat your body right, experience the cleanest air in the world.



What Makes The Sqair Special?

As a B-corp social enterprise helping the world breathe clean air, we designed the Sqair because we were tired of the gimmicks and BS from current air purifier companies. The Sqair gives you far more clean air at a fraction of the cost of the purifiers from those “big guys”.

How did we do this? We cut out the fancy marketing gimmicks such as ionizers and photocatalytic filters that science shows can actually make your air worse. We designed the Sqair for performance, not marketing ploys. The Sqair is data-backed and is excellent at one thing: cleaning air. And it does that better than its competition.

The Most Powerful Purifier In Its Class

Packing a powerful clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 315m³/hr, the Sqair generates more clean air than its competition. The Sqair is suitable for spaces up to 40 m² (430 sqft), the space of two large bedrooms.

Cleans a 40m2 room in just 25 minutes.

One of the Quietest Purifiers on the Market

On high, it sounds like soft rainfall. This is up to 13 decibels quieter than the hugely popular Xiaomi purifier, yet provides more clean air and costs less.

Blows the Competition Out of the Water on Both Price and Effectiveness

The Sqair gives you the most clean air per dollar of any purifier in the world. And it’s not really close.

More Clean Air, at a Fraction of the Price.

Captures over 95% of Viruses, Bacteria, PM2.5 and Other Dangerous Pollutants

Watch the pollution collect in your filter (instead of your lungs) and enjoy experiencing the cleanest air in the world.


(included in Chemical Warfare pack)

     VOCs    Formaldehyde
      Paint odor         Smoke  



PM2.5 Dust Viruses
Allergens Pollen Mold
*The carbon filter is an optional add-on. Not everyone needs carbon, so we let air-breathers choose whether they want carbon or not.

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If you don’t need to filter chemicals, grab the The Sqair Standard pack »

Sqair + HEPA
Chemical Warfare
Sqair + HEPA + Carbon

PM2.5, dust, allergens, viruses

PM2.5, dust, allergens, viruses

Chemicals, VOCs, odors, smoke

Chemicals, VOCs, odors, smoke


Three Things You Must Know About The Sqair:

1 Minimalist clean air

Simple 1 – 2 – 3 speed control for easy on-off

Sqair Minimalist European design
No hype, no markup   2

Clean air for an honest price. Crafted to increase effectiveness and lower cost

The Sqair gives no hype, no markup, just clean air
3 Simple and elegant

It looks the part. Warm and cozy European beechwood legs.

Sqair Simple Elegant design



Smart Air Sqair air purifier specifications
Your Purchase Includes 1 × Sqair Chemical Warfare Air Purifier (includes 1 × HEPA Filter, 1 × Activated Carbon Filter), 1 × Detachable cord, 1 × Smart Air Handbook
Color Matte White
Dimensions L × W × H (cm) 33 × 33 × 37
CADR (HEPA Only) (m3/h) 65 – 180 – 315 (low – mid – high)
CADR (Carbon Filter + HEPA) (m3/h) 190 (high)
Noise Level (dB) 23 – 43 – 52 (low – mid – high)
HEPA Lifespan 6 months (1400hrs, running 8hrs per day)
Power Consumption (W) 6 – 18 – 38 (low – mid – high)
Power Supply 220 – 240V/50-60Hz/ Plug type:
Safety Certifications Smart Air purifier CE safety certificateSmart Air purifier CQC safety certificateCE Certified (LVD/EMC/RoHS) | CQC | GB/T 18801-2015 Certified
Recommended Room Size Up to 40m2 (430 sqft)
Shipping Weight 6.3kg
Product Manual Click to view the Sqair Manual

Which Purifier Should I Buy?

Choosing the right air purifier can be difficult for first-time buyers. Here’re some important things to consider:

1. Know Your Purpose

Do you have any particular needs? HEPAs are enough for allergies and asthma, but recent renovation may require a carbon filter.

2. Know Your Size

The Sqair purifier is ideal for bedrooms, but larger spaces like offices or hospitals may require the more powerful Blasts.

3. Know the Costs

The main costs of air purifiers are filter replacements. Different purifiers have different HEPA lifespans and costs.

Smart Air Family

QT3 effective portable air purifier
QT3 Sqair SA600 Blast Mini Blast
Room Size

Personal Space

40 m²

55 m²

85 m²

130 m²

Effectiveness (CADR)

40 m³/h

315 m³/h

500 m³/h

740 m³/h

950 m³/h

Max Noise

44.5 dB

52 dB

52.5 dB

49 dB

43 dB

HEPA Lifespan 7 months 6 months 8 months 13 months 22 months

The Sqair Chemical Warfare FAQs

Are Smart Air purifiers better than other air purifiers?

Smart Air purifiers use the same cleaning principle as most other air purifiers. The technology behind air purifiers is not complex, and readily available.

However, Smart Air is the only air purifier company committed to transparent communication through open-data. We avoid overcomplicating our air purifiers with high markups and marketing gimmicks. Smart Air purifiers are honest, data-backed, and streamlined to do one thing: clean air.

What room size is suitable for the Sqair?

The Sqair is recommended for rooms 40 square meters (430 sq ft) in area or smaller. Even in a 40 square meter room, the Sqair is able to clean all the air in the room over 3 times in just 1 hour on high.

For larger areas, consider multiple Sqairs or one of Smart Air’s professional air purifiers (the Blast or Blast Mini), which have a higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

Why does the Sqair not have a pre-filter?

After conducting tests, we found that adding a pre-filter will reduce the CADR. Additionally, if the pre-filter is not replaced in time, it will cause the purifier to be louder and effectiveness to lower. Since the pre-filter will add trouble to the user, we decided not to add a pre-filter in the Sqair..

What is the difference between the Sqair and Sqair Chemical Warfare?
How Long Can a Sqair Last?

The Sqair is incredibly simple. This simple design means it’s built to last. When designing The Sqair, we stress-tested multiple Sqair’s by running them continuously for 10,000 hours on ‘high’. We’re confident The Sqair can last at least 10,000 hours, and normally even longer.

How to know when it is time to replace the Sqair’s HEPA filter?

We recommend replacing the HEPA filter every 6 months. But the truth is the exact time depends on many factors such as the amount of hours used and local pollution levels. The most accurate way to determine when to replace a HEPA filter is to use an air quality monitor. Learn More: How to use an air quality monitor to test a HEPA filter

Free Guide to Breathing Safe

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Additional information

CADR (m³/h)

65 – 180 – 315 (low – mid – high)

Noise Level (dB)

23 – 43 – 52 (low – mid – high)

Room Size

Up to 40m² (430 sqft)

Power (W)

6 – 18 – 38 (low – mid – high)

HEPA Lifespan

1400 hours (6 months with 8 hours of daily use)

10 reviews for The Sqair – Chemical Warfare

  1. 4 out of 5

    Matt (verified owner)

    Very good value on the unit; I have recommended it to friends. Higher than expected shipping costs and import taxes erased a good portion of that in my case, but if you are, e.g., in the US where the shipping is straightforward and cheap, then this is a no-brainer.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ketat (verified owner)

    I have many air purifiers at home – this one by far is the most quiet. It has a big fan and wide surface area. The construction is fairly solid. Would recommend.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Caroline (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this air filter. I purchased two Sqairs, one for my home-based Pilates studio and one for a bedroom. Very easy to assemble and operate, love the size and style, and I love the mission of the company.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Roman (verified owner)

    So effective. Have cleared the air after burning some food when cooking and monitored the air quality improvements with my Purple Air monitor (significant improvements with SQAIR). Quickly cleans the air on the highest setting and the fan sound is not too disruptive (though certainly audible on the top setting).

  5. 4 out of 5

    Matt (verified owner)

    Just got the air purifier a few days ago and so far it seems to be working well and it looks and feels like a well-manufactured product. One thing that slightly bothers me is the plug doesn’t seem to follow and modern polarization, it seems like something you would find on a very old appliance. I also expected the carbon filter to be bigger, otherwise, I think it has been a great purifier so far and has been working well!

  6. 5 out of 5


    Great product very happy. Good quality and the design is lovely. Plug isnt a UK plug (it’s usa) but no problem as the filter uses a ‘figure 8’ lead so easy to get a UK figure 8 lead.

    I use a laser egg sensor to check the air pollution and then automatically turn the air filter on when air pollution is high (it’s in the kitchen so fluctuates when cooking). A free IFTT account makes this very simple to setup.

    Only downside – had to pay import duty to import into the UK. Annoying but still cheaper than rival devices. UK import duty was approx £30.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Very happy with our SQAIR. Bought online and arrived in days to HK. On lowest setting which is enough for house if leave on during the day, is almost silent. Great airflow due to the simply and elegant design. Charcoal and HEPA filters easily accessible for changing. Apart from filtering virus particles with the HEPA filter it has also noticeably helped my daughter’s allergy to dustmites for which we did have to run the (loud) dehumidifier in her room every night. Now we just leave the SQAIR running overnight and she has no coughing since.

    One super happy customer.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Overall, I’m very pleased with this air purifier (my Chinese wife bought two units for our home in China) and want to thank the ‘Smart Air’ team for all the very useful and important work they do and help they provide regarding improving the quality of the air we breathe. 😀

  9. 5 out of 5


    I have a low tolerance for noise, but I don’t notice the sound of the lowest setting at all! Number two is also fine for me. I live in a very polluted area and the Squair cleans the air well. Thanks

  10. 5 out of 5


    Got the SQAIR last week. It’s a great product to have. With this we are at peace knowing that we are breathing clean air indoors. It is worth every paisa (penny).

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