DIY 1.0 Air Purifier – 1 Year Kit

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The DIY1.0 Air Purifier has been replaced by the more effective, safer DIY1.1 air purifier. Learn more about this upgrade!

Clean Air is not a Luxury

Get rid of air pollutants inside your house!

We’ll send you an Original 1.0 fan, 4 HEPA filters, and a strap. That’s all you need to breathe easy for a whole year (your filter life may vary depending on your local environment).

Our Original 1.0 DIY Air Purifiers are in huge demand and we’re cranking them out as fast as we can. We know you want to get your hands on one as soon as possible, so if you’re in Delhi, you can get come pick it up from our office in Lado Sarai. If you can’t pick it up and live outside Delhi, we’ll ship it to you which takes about 1-2 working days to deliver in Delhi and 3-4 working days for the rest of India once your order has been processed.

CE Certified

CE 2047 according to PED (97/23/EC). Certified by Regal Quality Registrars, Inc, UK. Made in India with imported HEPA material.

Our DIY 1.0 Air Purifier is a simple and low cost yet effective purifier that eliminates PM2.5 and PM10 particles.

Our tests show that the DIY 1.0 can remove up to 82% of PM2.5 particles from a 150sqft room, all for the under Rs.3500

How does it compare to expensive purifiers?

We tested this simple DIY purifier against some of the biggest brands on the market, and found that the simple DIY performed almost just as well as purifiers costing over 20 times as much!


Does it really clean the air?

Tom the founder of Smart Air and a professor at the University of Chicago tested this using a laser particle counter. What he found was that even low-cost filters and fans can provide clean air. Watch this video to see the test he did.

How often should I change my filter?

We recommend replacing your filter after 90 days of use at 8 hours a day at the latest. That’s maximum 720 hours in total. We ship replacement HEPAs starting at Rs.1300 from our store.

Why 90 days? Smart Air co-founder Gus tested a single HEPA on his DIY 1.0 for 200 days in Beijing to see how long it would last in real Beijing air. After 100 days of use at 8 hours a day, effectiveness dropped 4%. After 200 days of testing, Gus’s dirty filter was only removing half the particles in the room.

India’s air is on average more polluted than Beijing’s air, so in India, we recommend replacing the filters sooner, at 90 days or 720 hours.

We know that buying new HEPA filters is a significant recurring cost, so we do our best to keep prices low.

What’s in the air purifier box?

  1. 1 x DIY 1.0 Fan
  2. 1 x HEPA filter
  3. 1 x Velcro strap
  4. 1 x Information brochure to help you combat air pollution.

Technical Specifications

Room Size:
up to 150 sq-ft
H12 HEPA filter
HEPA Filter Life:
720 hours (3 months at 12 hrs/day)
Noise Level:
High 55 dB, Medium 52 dB, Low 48 dB
Fan Speed:
3 speeds: High, Medium, Low
Energy Consumption (on High):
36 W/hr
Constructed with:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
12 x 5 x 14 inches
2 kg
CE 2047

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 15 × 18 in

2 reviews for DIY 1.0 Air Purifier – 1 Year Kit

  1. NITA (verified owner)

    The DIY Air Purifier works great. The one year kit is the best way to buy it so one has extra filters handy for when one needs them.

  2. Pravin Halai

    How many days HEPA filter lasts if used with prefilter in Delhi atmosphere? How many hours of usage to be considered per day?

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