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The Blast Mini Air Purifier is simple and low-cost, yet powerful. Its super-sized HEPA filter creates huge volumes of clean air, making it ideal for larger spaces like homes, offices, dental clinics, and hospital rooms.

Got formaldehyde or VOC problems? Add the optional Blast Mini Carbon Filter.


Blast Mini Air Purifier

Compact yet Strong. Perfect for homes, offices, and clinics.

345 cfm

Clean Air

900 sqft

Coverage Area


Noise Level

Compact yet Strong

The Blast Mini is a compact, high-airflow air purifier that uses an aerodynamic design and industry-standard H13 HEPA filters to provide high volume purification for large spaces.

Protect yourself against India’s air pollution with this office air purifier.

How the Blast Mini protects you from Delhi pollution

Purifier vs. Smoke - Meet the Purifiers Fighting Bad Air [FULL LENGTH - PIANO]

Smart Air Youtube

India’s air pollution is a serious problem. Even after the COVID-19 lockdown had reduced air pollution, Delhi air still remained above WHO limits.

The Blast Mini’s 3-stage filtration effectively traps dust, mold, pollen, and PM2.5 – the main cause of air pollution.









The Blast Mini gives out as much clean air as 2.2 Blueair 203s in a minute

That’s a whole load of clean air!

It’s quieter too

If it’s more powerful than 2 Blueairs, it must be loud as heck, right?

It’s actually quieter. Think of it as the strong, silent type.

A huge fan and an oversized HEPA means that more clean air can be pumped out at lower noise levels. You’ll hardly notice while it’s running.

Cost-effective clean air, with the Blast Mini air purifier.

Air purifiers are simple tech. We’ve refined the Blast Mini air purifier to ensure it’s giving you the most bang for your buck. That means more clean air for every rupee you spend. Here’s how it compares to other air purifiers.

Price vs Effectiveness

How can the Blast Mini give so much performance?

Over 200 tests

Alright, alright, we staged this photo. But aeronautical engineer Paddy really did run over 200 tests on noise, particle capture, wind speed, and power usage. That’s how it can be strong and yet quiet. has days and days of raw room test data for the nerd curious!

H13 Grade HEPA Filter

Chosen among 10 different tested HEPA materials. Effectively filters 99.95% of PM2.5, dust, pollen, and viruses.

10 months

HEPA Lifespan

H13 99.95%

HEPA Grade

Blast Mini Activated Charcoal Filter

Add a carbon filter to your Blast Mini if you need to remove odours. Absorbs formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other harmful gases.


Smart Air Ladakh Mini Air Purifier Unboxing - Great for Home & Office - Removes PM2.5, PM10

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Covers up to 900 sqft

The Blast Mini is half the size of the Blast and is ideal for normal-sized apartments with about 4 rooms.

What’s inside a Blast Mini

Purifier companies can make obscene profits when most people don’t understand how purifiers work.
Here’s the honest truth: a purifier is a fan + a filter. In this case, that fan and filter are just really big.


Shipping options: Available all across India

Technical Specifications

Your Purchase Includes 1 × Blast Mini (includes 1 × Blast Mini HEPA Filter), 1 × Wire cord, 1 × Smart Air Handbook
Colour White
Dimensions L × W × H (cm) 57.5 × 33 × 63
CADR (m3/h)*
CADR (cfm)*
340 – 450 – 585
200 – 265 – 345
(low – mid-high)
Sound (dB) 43.7 – 48.6 – 52.5 (low – mid-high)
Power Consumption (W) 64 – 82 (low – high)
Power Supply 220 – 240V/50-60Hz/ Plug type: (Type I)
Electricity Voltage (V) 220 – 240
Safety Certifications Smart Air purifier CE safety certificate CE Certified (LVD/EMC/RoHS) | GB/T 4706.45-2008 Certified
Recommended Room Size Up to 900 sqft (85m2)
HEPA Lifespan 10-11 months
Product Manual Click to view the Smart Air Ladakh Mini Manual

*What is CADR and how is it different from an air purifier airflow? Learn more here »

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Additional information


Hospital, Living Room, Office/School


Allergies, Dust & Pollen, Gases & VOCs, Pet Dander & Hair, PM2.5 Air Pollution, Smoke & Odours, Virus & Bacteria

3 reviews for Blast Mini Air Purifier

  1. 5 out of 5


    Babies love smart air!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Raman (verified owner)

    I bought Ladakh Mini purifier alarmed by severe pollution levels inside my house. Strategically placing it I could ensure clean air in 3 bedrooms during night. Any time at day I turn it on and it’s able to bring down pollution levels quickly in a large area of living room and adjoining dining area. I am happy with the product and highly recommend it. It does what it is designed for without any being.
    You would have to, however, invest separately into buying Air quality monitor to monitor AQI levels inside house as the filter has no monitors on it.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I LOVE my Blast Mini. I bought it for the common area of my Dhaka (Bangladesh) apartment. Through our previous airpocalyptic winters here, I haven’t managed to get our PM2.5 solidly in the good range, despite using five additional Sharp purifiers throughout the apartment, which is a huge problem for me because I have young kids. I was lucky to buy my Sharp purifiers from a friend leaving Dhaka a few years ago so I got a good deal, though I’ve had to order replacement filters through Amazon India and pick them up at my in-laws house in Kerala when we visit. Now that Smart Air is in Dhaka (currently accessible through the Facebook Page Clean Air BD), it’s a game-changer. Apartments in Dhaka are huge, and very few people I know have a couple grand (or more?) to drop on purifiers to fully secure their indoor spaces. Plus, people love their cool winter air, which means opening the window sometimes in winter and letting the pollution waft in. The Blast Mini sits right in the center of my apartment, near both the kitchen and the common area where my kids spend most of their time. With this set up, the air inside is always in the green and I can breathe easy knowing my kids are protected. My husband really appreciates the lower noise of the Blast Mini compared to the Sharp purifiers (poor guy…). Plus, I think it looks super nice and you can even set stuff on top of it if needed (convenient!). Thank you Smart Air for your brilliance.

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