N95 (FFP2) Pollution Mask- 5pc

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Pack of 5 N95 (FFP2) masks.

COVID Update: At Smart Air, our whole mission is to provide low-cost no-nonsense clean air. That’s why we’re a certified B Corp. Unfortunately COVID-19 has put a lot of nonsense into the supply chain. The world has seen a huge mask shortage, and the price we get from the factory has gone up, forcing us to increase our mask prices. We will return mask prices to normal as soon as availability increases and supplier prices go back to normal.

Use this N95 mask to protect yourself from air pollution, viruses, bacteria and more. We ran tests in a lab in Mumbai, and found it captures over 99% of PM2.5 air pollution. This N95 mask scored as one of the most effective, lowest cost masks on the market. Choose this mask to protect yourself from air pollution including PM2.5, viruses, bacteria, and pollen.

Do masks actually work?

Lots of smart, skeptical people question this. Fortunately, scientists have done the hard work for us! Here’s what their data says for the three most common questions we hear at Smart Air.


Do masks capture the really small particles?

This is the easiest question to answer. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh tested different masks by running diesel exhaust through them and measuring how many small 0.007 micron particles the masks blocked.

Bottom line: Test data shows masks capture even the really tiny particles.


Do masks work when you wear them?

This question is tougher to answer. You need a $10,000 machine like this one to test it. Our N99 mask was fit tested in a lab in Mumbai, and the results showed the mask was blocking 99.3% percent of particles. Our tests from Beijing and published scientific studies found similar results. Bottom line: masks work well even while people are wearing them.


You can read more about our fit tests in our pollution masks blog post

How long do masks last?

Thomas tested a new N99 mask and a mask he had worn for 11 days in Beijing. The new mask blocked 99%; the old mask blocked 98%. This data suggests they last at least 11 days. Not bad! After 2-3 weeks, you’ll probably want to throw the mask away anyway because it gets gross!



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2 reviews for N95 (FFP2) Pollution Mask- 5pc

  1. Vishnu (verified owner)

    Face Fitting need work.
    In Varanasi, it went blackish inside a week with 2 hours a day usage.

    Not sure it lasts 3 weeks!

    • Paddy Robertson (verified owner)

      That’s a really good point! We’ve only ever done one mask longevity test, and that was in Beijing (read about the test here).
      Having said that, the mask Tom tested was 11 days old was also turning black yet its efficiency was still fairly high. What normally happens is that these masks get smelly and gross after a few weeks anyway!

  2. Keshavamurthy L K

    It’s been close to 6 months i am using this mask in Bangalore traffic. I daily ride around 30 to 35 km in heavy traffic and these masks are saving grace for me. These are priced well and each mask can be used for 4 to 5 week depending on condition of masks.
    Only problem with these masks are they are pretty big and covers entire face just leaving enough space for eyes to see the surroundings. Sometimes nose grip becomes very tight if by mistake we tighten the elastic thread more otherwise it serves the purpose very well.
    Without masks i used to get cold and cough within one month but once i started using the masks no more cold and cough and i can feel fresh inside nose even after riding through dusted and dirty roads. I have even suggested few of my friends to use these while riding bike.
    Keep the good work.

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