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The Blast Mini commercial air purifier is a high-powered, quiet HEPA air purifier effective for large rooms in schools, hospitals, offices, and homes. Cleans spaces up to 85m2 (915 ft2). H13 HEPA filter removes 99.97% of pollutants (PM2.5, viruses, allergens, and more) from the air. Add a carbon filter to filter out dangerous chemicals including VOCs, formaldehyde and cigarette smells. We are open with our data and produce our technical specs on all speeds. Ordering in bulk? Get a quote here.


Blast Mini Mk II

Compact, yet strong. Perfect for homes, offices and clinics


Clean Air (CADR)

85m² (915 sqft)

Coverage Area


Noise Level

Compact, yet strong

The Blast Mini is a compact, high-airflow air purifier that uses an aerodynamic design and industry- standard HEPA H13 filter to provide high volume purification for large spaces.

Protect yourself against air pollution with this office air purifier

How the Blast Mini protects you from air pollution

Purifier vs. Smoke - Meet the Purifiers Fighting Bad Air [FULL LENGTH - PIANO]

Smart Air Youtube

Air pollution is a serious environmental and health issue. And it’s hard to escape – even our homes are filled with these dangerous microscopic particles. The Blast Mini's 3-stage filtration effectively traps dust, mould, pollen, and PM2.5 – the main cause of air pollution.

PM2.5 VOCs Smoke Viruses
Allergens Dust Pollen Mould

The Blast Mini gives out as much clean air as 2.2 Blueair 203s in a minute

That's a whole load of clean air!

It's quieter too

If it's more powerful than 2 Blueairs, it must be loud as heck, right?

It's actually quieter. Think of it as the strong, silent type. A huge fan and an oversized HEPA means that more clean air can be pumped out at lower noise levels. You’ll hardly notice while it’s running

Backed up by Open Data tests

Alright, this photo is staged! But aeronautical engineer Paddy really did run over 200 tests on noise, particle capture, wind speed, and power usage. Because of this, the Blast can be a powerful yet quiet air purifier. And you don’t have to believe us. All this is backed up by thousands of hours of open data in our Clean Air Blog.

HEPA H13 filter

All Smart Air filters are certified to GB13554-2020 & GBT6165-2021 standards. This is the Chinese equivalent of EN1822 / ISO29463 and is independently tested

13 months

HEPA Lifespan

    H13 99.97%

HEPA Grade

Activated carbon filter*

Add a carbon filter to remove formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful gases.

Recommended for those with recent renovations, who cook at home often, or live in areas of high pollution

Covers up to 85m² (915 sqft)

Don't let the word 'mini' fool you, with this type of muscle, the Blast Mini can cover several rooms. Its quality finish and moveable design allows it to fit anywhere in your home or office.

The UK model is the Blast Mk II, the improved 2022 model

Air outlet redesign

The improved outlet increases airflow and CADR giving you more clean air

Rear air inlet

The rear inlet has been replaced with a punched out design with easier to slide mechanism for the pre-filter

Pre-filter upgrade

The improved design has a plastic frame for a thinner, lighter, easier to clean pre-filter

Pre-filter screws

Hand-turnable twist screws for ease of use when removing

HEPA upgrade
HEPA filter frame upgraded to cardboard frame, metal mesh removed. Lighter design easier for end-user to handle, lower shipping costs, increased recyclability

What's inside a Blast Mini?

Purifier companies can make obscene profits when most people don't understand how purifiers work. Here's the honest truth: a purifier is a fan and a filter. In this case, that fan and filter are just really big!

Technical specifications

Your purchase includes1 × Blast Mini Mk II (includes 1 × Blast Mini air purifier and 1 × HEPA filter), 1 × wire cord, 1 × Smart Air handbook
ColourMatte white
Dimensions L × W × H (cm)57.5 × 33 × 63
Weight (kg)26
CADR (m3/h)340 – 450 – 740 (low – mid – high)*
Airflow (m3/h)700 - 900 - 1400m³/h (low – mid – high)*
HEPA lifespan3120 hrs or 13 months (8hrs per day) Beijing air
7,850 hrs or 32 months (8hrs per day) UK air**
Power consumption (w)49 - 82 - 122 (low – mid – high)
Noise level (dBA)36 – 43 – 49 (low – mid – high)
Recommended room size48 – 63 – 85m² (low – mid – high)
Power supply220 – 240V/50-60Hz
Safety certificationsSmart Air purifier CE safety certificateCE Certified (LVD/EMC/RoHS) | CQC | GB/T 18801-2015 Certified
Warranty2 years

* Tests on the highest setting show that adding a carbon filter reduces airflow by 11%. This means that this purifier with both HEPA and Carbon filters will have an the airflow of1246m³/h and a CADR to 659m³/h

** The GBT 18801 standard recommends replacing HEPA filters after effectiveness drops to 50% of its initial value. Our lifespan tests were conducted in Beijing but the UK average lifespan is based W.H.O. air quality data. Our filter calculator gives you a rough guideline of lifespan based on how many hours a day you run your air purifier but note, the lifespan will vary depending on the pollution levels in your city and is based on running at top speed (it will last longer on lower speeds).

Click to view the Smart Air Blast Mini Manual

*What is CADR and how is it different from an air purifier airflow? Learn more here »

The Smart Air family

Air Purifier
SA600 air purifier by Smart Air

Blast Mini Mk II

Blast Mk II
Speed1 - 2 - 31 - 2 - 31 - 2 - 31 - 2 - 3
CADR (m³/h)65 – 180 – 315130 – 245 – 470340 – 450 – 740450 – 680 – 950
Noise (dBA)23 – 43 – 5223 - 39 - 5236 – 43 – 4929 – 37 – 43
Power (W)6 – 18 – 383 – 9 – 6049 - 82 - 12248 – 81–118
Coverage (m²)15 – 22 – 4016 – 29 – 5648 – 63 – 8574 – 99 – 130
HEPA lifespan (months)*6 (UK: 10)9 (UK: 20)13 (UK: 32)22 (UK: 42)
Dimensions L × W × H (cm)33 × 33 × 3735 × 23.2 × 5157.5 × 33 × 6357.5 × 33 × 123
Warranty (years)1122
Price£132 - £160£210£399 - £426£582 - £636
* The lifespan of a filter is based on pollution levels. We have created a filter replacement calculator to give you a rough idea of when you need to change your filter. It should be used as a guideline only.

Additional information

Dimensions 67 × 64 × 37.5 cm
Filter type:

HEPA only, HEPA & Carbon filter

19 reviews for Blast Mini Air Purifier

  1. 4 out of 5

    Louise Hyde (verified owner)

    Really pleased with these filters. Sturdy enough to survive in a class full of rowdy teenagers. Not too noisy and a nice stream of fresh air but not too breezy.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Happy with the product. It brings down pollution level quickly in large area. Large HEPA and low noise. Highly recommended machine for pollution.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I am totally satisfied with my purchase, it working well with very low noise, great price for the size of hepa filter.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Big, satisfying, can purify the air very quickly, the sound is not loud, sit next to the purifier, it's good Can be used instead of a fan

  5. 5 out of 5


    The item is original. guaranteed quality. The design is elegant.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Andrew H.

    Excellent machine. Quiet on the low fan setting. Rapidly clears the air and quickly removed my smog induced sore throat and itchy nose!

  7. 5 out of 5


    Haven't tried it yet, hopefully it's good, the seller is also responsive and helps the buyer

  8. 5 out of 5

    Janica C.

    Great product. Very silent and strong. Great customer service

  9. 5 out of 5


    I've had time to read and check here and there and finally chose this one. Delivery was quite fast and when the box arrived, I was surprised because it was so big. Fortunately, the original size of the item corresponds to the description and the item is very sturdy. It's quiet and it seems like the wind volume is quite strong.

  10. 5 out of 5


    Fast delivery, assisted by a courier, good quality, unfortunately the coating has a little defect on the lid, but overall it's good, works well, complete with the adapter too

  11. 5 out of 5


    Seller is very responsive and delivery is very fast.

    According to expert testimony, this product is the safest product because it does not produce ozone and does not use ions. I researched +-2 days, then I really believe this product is the safest.

    Good luck, hopefully soon there will be a product that is smaller in size so that it is easy and light to move or travel with.

  12. 5 out of 5


    I got to know the smart air brand after researching for an air purifier for my house which is on the edge of the Jakarta highway. After trying it, it turns out that its performance is not inferior to other expensive brands with more affordable prices.

    Top seller explains the product well

  13. 5 out of 5


    Babies love smart air!

  14. 5 out of 5

    Juliet L.

    It’s my second Smart Air air purifier (the first one is a Sqair) and highly recommended for excellent value for money and good performance. No frills - just remove from box and plug in to get clean air.

  15. 5 out of 5

    Hagen F.

    Best value and filter around. stop buying the Mi purifiers!

  16. 5 out of 5


    I bought Blast Mini purifier alarmed by severe pollution levels inside my house. Strategically placing it I could ensure clean air in 3 bedrooms during night. Any time at day I turn it on and it’s able to bring down pollution levels quickly in a large area of living room and adjoining dining area. I am happy with the product and highly recommend it. It does what it is designed for without any being.
    You would have to, however, invest separately into buying Air quality monitor to monitor AQI levels inside house as the filter has no monitors on it.

  17. 5 out of 5

    Alan G

    I had been looking to purchase one reasonably priced purifier that had the ability to clean the air throughout my three-bedroom apartment. The Blast Mini arrived on a day with particularly poor air in Beijing, which in this case was great, as it presented an immediate opportunity to test its effectiveness.

    First things first- the machine was somewhat larger than other air purifiers I had seen in friends’ apartments, restaurants, or offices. However, this is perhaps not surprising, considering the size of the fan and its immense power. The machine was easy to move around as it comes with wheels, which are lockable, so you don’t need to risk injury when moving it between rooms. The purifier itself is very simple: there are just three speeds, which is honestly all you really need in terms of functionality. The first thing that struck me when switching it on was just how quiet it was, even on full speed. It was just about loud enough for you to know it was on and working yet quiet enough for the sound to blend in with background noise and to not disturb you.

    One customization to the machine was that I opted for a carbon filter, as they’re designed to capture gas pollutants. Like many apartments in Beijing, my apartment occasionally becomes swamped in a lingering sewage smell stemming from the drain. I hoped that the carbon filter may be prove useful in such moments. I noticed that occasionally leaving the machine on a low power mode while out definitely helped minimise the sewage smell.

    On the Blast Mini’s first evening, the PM2.5 levels outdoors read 172 while indoors read 43: still 4 times higher than a healthy level. I positioned the Blast Mini in the living room and the air quality monitor in the spare bedroom, which was adjacent to my bedroom. I set up the air quality monitor to record levels hourly, opened all the doors in the apartment and switched the machine on. I then headed to bed.

    I was very impressed to see these results in the morning ! Within an hour, the Blast Mini successfully reduced PM2.5 levels to 31. Within 6 hours, PM2.5 levels were down to 8. This was throughout the entire apartment!
    Considering the machine’s power and reasonable price tag, the Blast Mini is definitely a smart investment. Would recommend to anyone looking for an effective and affordable solution to indoor air pollution!

  18. 5 out of 5


    I LOVE my Blast Mini. I bought it for the common area of my Dhaka (Bangladesh) apartment. Through our previous airpocalyptic winters here, I haven’t managed to get our PM2.5 solidly in the good range, despite using five additional Sharp purifiers throughout the apartment, which is a huge problem for me because I have young kids. I was lucky to buy my Sharp purifiers from a friend leaving Dhaka a few years ago so I got a good deal, though I’ve had to order replacement filters through Amazon India and pick them up at my in-laws house in Kerala when we visit. Now that Smart Air is in Dhaka (currently accessible through the Facebook Page Clean Air BD), it’s a game-changer. Apartments in Dhaka are huge, and very few people I know have a couple grand (or more?) to drop on purifiers to fully secure their indoor spaces. Plus, people love their cool winter air, which means opening the window sometimes in winter and letting the pollution waft in. The Blast Mini sits right in the center of my apartment, near both the kitchen and the common area where my kids spend most of their time. With this set up, the air inside is always in the green and I can breathe easy knowing my kids are protected. My husband really appreciates the lower noise of the Blast Mini compared to the Sharp purifiers (poor guy…). Plus, I think it looks super nice and you can even set stuff on top of it if needed (convenient!). Thank you Smart Air for your brilliance.

  19. 5 out of 5


    Very big machine suitable for people with space. The sound is very quiet. Importantly, the price is not high. After using it, the dust issue in the house is noticeably better. good value for money

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