Clean Air for Business

Air Pollution is affecting your business

Research performed by Smart Air has shown air pollution lead to lower productivity and shorter attention spans in offices, schools and universities. This can lead to lower revenues for business or under-performing students in class. Data shows that an increase in AQI of 150 can reduce productivity by 5%.

Affects of air pollution on productivity

(read more about the study here)

How Smart Air delivers clean air to business

Smart Air has over 4 years of experience creating effective and reliable solutions that don’t cost an arm and a leg. What Smart Air can offer:

    • High performance purifiers for large spaces to filter PM2.5, PM10, viruses and formaldehyde.
    • Clean air solutions for existing HVAC systems.

Examples of solutions already created by Smart Air across China and India include projects done for Penguin Books, Asia Paints and the University Chicago Center in New Delhi.


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Our Business Partners

Smart Air clean air for Penguin
Clean air for business solution
Air purification system Asia Paints India by Smart Air
PM2.5 air purification provided by Smart Air to University of Chicago