Guide to Using Air Purifiers In the Office | COVID-19

In this guide, we take a look at common questions about using air purifiers in the office. Air purifiers are an important tool to reduce COVID-19 spread in the office and are recommended by the CDC.

1. Why Use Air Purifiers in the Office?

Studies show HEPA air purifiers in the office greatly improve worker productivity, ability to focus, and response time. They are also proven tools to reduce virus spread including the flu and COVID-19.

In addition, air purifiers with HEPA filters improve the long-term health of office workers, including helping lower high blood pressure and reducing risks of cancers, heart disease, and diabetes.

2. Do Air Purifiers Really Reduce COVID-19 Spread Indoors?

Yes, a recent CDC study showed concrete evidence that HEPA air purifiers reduce COVID-19 spread indoors. The study showed HEPA air purifiers reduced COVID-19 spread in schools by 41%. 

HEPA air purifiers reduce covid-19 spread in the office

3. What Are the Best Office Air Purifiers for COVID-19 Protection?

The best type of air purifier for offices to use against COVID-19 is a HEPA filter air purifier. HEPA filter air purifiers are highly effective at filtering out particles the same size as COVID-19. For this reason, the CDC recommends HEPA air purifiers as the air purifier of choice in offices.

HEPA Filters Filter Out Coronavirus in Offices

The CDC does not recommend air purifiers with extra add-ons such as UV-lights and ionizers. This is because tese add-ons increase cost and may pose an additional health risk for employees in the office.

4. Are Medical Grade Air Purifiers Required?

No. Turns out, medical grade air purifiers are more often than not a marketing gimmick. HEPA filter air purifiers filter viruses extremely well.

5. How to Choose the Best Air Purifier Model for Your Office Size

Smart Air has created a six-step guide to choosing an office air purifier.

6. Are Ionizer and Ozone Air Purifiers Safe for the Office?

The CDC does not recommend the use of ionizers or ozone air purifiers for COVID-19 mitigation. Ionizers can produce harmful byproducts including ozone and formaldehyde and are ineffective at removing pollutants from the air. Even at low levels, ozone can damage the lungs and cause a variety of respiratory issues

Ionizer Increases Particulate Matter

Bonus: Improved Ventilation Also Reduces Office COVID Spread

The CDC study of schools that showed HEPA filters are highly effective at reducing COVID spread indoors also showed that simple strategies to improve ventilation lowered COVID-19 spread by 30%.

CDC studys shows improved ventilation reduced COVID-19 spread by 30%

How Smart Air Protects Offices Around the World

Smart Air is a certified B Corp and social enterprise committed to helping people breathe safely. Smart Air’s no-nonsense Blast & Blast Mini air purifiers are used in offices all across the globe. Offices that use Smart Air purifiers include the BBC, Ford, Zomato, and many more.

Smart Air’s powerful Blast HEPA air purifier has a high airflow and can clean offices up to 130 sqm (1400 sqft) in size. It’s also ideal for offices because it is one of the quietest purifiers on the market.

Smart Air in Schools for COVID-19 Protection: Blast vs competition

Free Guide to Breathing Safe

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Smart Air is a social enterprise and certified B-Corp that offers simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and provides free education to protect people from the harms of air pollution. We are proud to be the only certified B-Corp dedicated to fighting air pollution.

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