Smart Air Installs Custom HVAC Air Purification System at The University of Chicago Center in Delhi

The Problem The University of Chicago Center in Delhi contacted Smart Air during the summer of 2016 to design and install a purification system in their 17,000 square foot office located in central Delhi. Despite it’s great location, the U Chicago Center had a problem of high particulate matter inside the building. Like love, air […]

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Delhi Smog

For Delhi’s Traffic Police, More Air Means More Problems

Have you have ever wondered about the effects of Delhi’s air on people who work outdoors? How about Delhi’s traffic police? We sure have at Smart Air, and we have been waiting for research to catch up with our ruminations. A study on Delhi’s traffic police officers, published in January 2017, finally provides some answers – though pessimistic […]

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cars delhi

A $3 billion pollution ‘solution’ in Delhi – but will it work?

Last week, the Ministry of Urban Development announced a Rs. 19,762 crore ($2.95 billion) solution to reduce vehicular pollution in Delhi. If approved, the proposal will seek to reduce emissions from the over 8.8 million vehicles in the city, mostly owned by the rising middle and upper classes.  Despite this class differential in vehicular emissions, some of the improvements […]

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