Particle Counting in the News

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Science in the news! The word on clean air seems to be getting out. Particle Counting was written up in a few places recently:

James Fallows graciously wrote about Particle Counting as one low-cost safeguard while living in “toxic” China, partly in response to New York Times Beijing correspondent Edward Wong’s personal account of worries about living and raising a child in China’s pollution. (Ed also recently tweeted a shout out to Particle Counting.)

As usual, Reddit was ahead of the curve and posted about it on their China page, as did the expat mag The Beijinger. Particle Counting also made the Sinocism newsletter.

(Update: Quartz wrote up a piece on the “MacGyver” solution to air pollution. The Middle Kingdom also mentioned Particle Counting in a post detailing more affordable ways to protect yourself from air pollution.)

I’m currently working with the folks at the Beijing Energy Network to host a workshop (for those in Beijing) where people will be able to make their own filter to bring home. More details to follow.

Here’s to hoping this helps people get clean air without breaking their piggy banks!


Thomas Talhelm

芝加哥大学行为科学系的助理教授; Smart Air创始书呆子。


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