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    • Hi Pen. Song here.
      Ozone is one of the recommended disinfection regarding viruses. We haven’t done any test on the sufficient concentration or time to kill the viruses or to what extent it will affect the performance of HEPA filters. I believe there are many available paper on such topic. You are welcomed to share here with all the readers for discussion.

  1. Hi, Paddy, In your Bottom Line, you state ” However, the coronavirus – being a non-enveloped virus –” whereas earlier you point out that it is enveloped. Also, I know that there are studies testing detectable Covid-19 in city sewer systems for benchmarks in community exposure. Will there be any similar studies for HVAC filters, especially given the recent CDC statements on airborne virus?

  2. Hi, Paddy.

    Greetings of safety!

    These are very helpful & relevant information. I would like to ask your permission to use your images in you tube VLOG to share information about the HEPA Filter. I am not a seller of any air purifier products.

    Is the following citation enough to give credit to you?

    Smart Air (2020 February 2) Can HEPA Air Purifiers Capture the Coronavirus? Retrieved from https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/can-air-purifiers-filter-out-the-coronavirus/

    Thank you so much.


    • Hi Lily,

      We actively promote the sharing and exchange of open data! All of Smart Air’s content is provided under a Creative Commons License, which allows non-commercial sharing as long as attribution/a citation is provided. Your citation placed in the VLOG notes is adequate.

      More information on our sharing policy here: https://smartairfilters.com/en/copyright/

      Breathe safe!



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