Duct-Taped $70 DIY Air Purifier Outperforms $1,000 IQ Air




《Duct-Taped $70 DIY Air Purifier Outperforms $1,000 IQ Air》有5条评论

  1. I did my own experiment where i put cheaper MERV 8 filters on the inlet side of the fan and Merv 13 on the outlet side. definitely is a lot larger, but it’s dramatically more quiet.
    honestly, the fact that we can leave it on 24/7 w/o the annoying noise makes it way more effective because before my kid would turn it off after 2 hrs because of the noise and we wouldn’t remember to turn it on, often until the air quality got noticeably worse.
    it is quieter than any purifier i used until i tried the SA600, which is definitely the most quiet purifier i’ve found.

  2. Would be curious what you think of this personal experience to maybe go a little deeper into why the hyperhepa of IQ air might be useful. I had a moisture problem when a renter left the hose on for 3 days at the foundation of the house. Ended up the floors in the Laundry and bathroom were plywood underneath and had lots of mold. I was reacting strongly to the mold so my friend lent me his $650 Blueair (regular hepa), but it didn’t to make a difference with my door closed and it on high. So he then lent me IQ air which I put on high and in about 10 minutes started to feel better. nose stopped running, eyes stopped itching. I know mold spores are supposed to be big but maybe they release a mycotoxin that is much smaller? One anecdotal argument for the more expensive hyperhepa.

  3. I’m curious about the impact of humidity on HEPA filters. There is some literature showing that HEPA filters might lose effectiveness completely in high humidity. These days we get 90%+ humidity through the dense foggy nights in Delhi and I wonder if the filter loses its utility in such conditions. Any tests or data out there on this? Thanks.



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