What Time of Day Is Air Pollution Lowest?

My intuition has always been that there is least air pollution at night because there are fewer cars on the road and fewer factories humming at that time of day.


Pollution Time of Day Guesses


Apparently I’m not alone: 139 voted for their guess about what time of day has the least air pollution (lowest PM2.5), and night time came in first.


when is PM2.5 the lowest


I also know people who arrange their schedules to work out in the morning to avoid the worst pollution. But how accurate are our intuitions?


Time of Day Pollution Data


To get to the bottom of it, I analyzed thousands of hours of PM2.5 data from the US Embassy in Beijing. When I finally got the answer, I was surprised:


Beijing Average Hourly PM2.5 Time of Day


Instead of during the quiet of night, it’s the afternoon–right around rush hour–that PM2.5 is the lowest. So if you’re planning a picnic or insist on exercising outside, you’re usually best off between noon and 6pm.


Rush hour traffic time of day


What about other cities?


Is that how PM2.5 generally works, or is it unique to Beijing’s activity or climate? Fortunately, US consulates in several other cities publish their historical data.



In terms of climate, Shenyang is pretty similar to Beijing, and its daily PM2.5 patterns are very similar (although night time isn’t quite as bad as Beijing):


Shenyang Average Hourly PM2.5 Time of Day



The pattern in Chengdu is similar. PM2.5 is lowest in the afternoon and highest in the morning.




The picture starts changing when you get to the south. In Shanghai, PM2.5 is lowest in the afternoon (like the north), but there’s also a dip in the very early morning:


Shanghai Average Hourly Air Pollution Time of Day


But also note that the scale is really zoomed in for Shanghai and Guangzhou (below). The difference between the lowest and the highest averages for Shanghai is only about 4 micrograms, as opposed to about 25 micrograms in Beijing.



Guangzhou’s pattern was virtually identical to Shanghai’s: a dip in the very early morning and a dip in the afternoon.


Guangzhou Hourly PM2.5


Pollution and Time of Day Worldwide


Maybe this is just a China pattern? A 2018 study analyzed data from all around the world, and found a similar pattern–PM2.5 tends to be lowest in the afternoon.


Average Diurnal Patterns PM2.5 Pollution Smog Haze


Bottom Line: What time of day is it safest to be outside?


In all five cities, the afternoon had the lowest PM2.5 levels. And in contrast to many people’s intuition, the night time had the worst air in several cities. Thus, you’re usually best off organizing your picnic or tai chi in the afternoon.

But keep in mind that the air is NEVER safe on average in any of the five cities at any time of day. So take “safest” with a grain of salt!


Average PM2.5

Why Is Pollution Best at Rush Hour?


How does it make any sense that pollution is the lowest during rush hour? Read more on why pollution is worse at night.


Time of day pollution rush hour


Open Data


All of the data is available from the US Embassy and consulate websites. Thanks to Josh Malina for collecting and analyzing the consulate data.


Caveat: Gas Pollutants


It’s important to point out that this analysis uses data on particulate pollution. There are other types of pollution out there. One big one is ozone pollution, which tends to be highest around midday.



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  1. This is really interesting and contradics other information I’ve read online. As an asthma sufferer who likes the outdoors, it’s really important for me to know when it’s safest to go out. It makes sense that polution is lower in the afternoon as it will be warmer and the air will rise and expand, carrying those particulate matter with it. Thank very very much for sharing this important data.

  2. Would you say this also goes for villages, where most pollution is caused by people burning various materials to warm their houses up, and not by cars?

  3. Hi Thomas

    You did an appreciable work with proof of concept. Indeed it helped to understand the different timings of concentration of pollutants.




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