How Wind Affects air Pollution PM2.5 and Dust

Wind, Not Rain, Reduces Air Pollution

It’s wind, not rain, that reduces air pollution. It sounds so simple, yet on rainy days, many people believe it’s the rain that’s “washing away” air pollution. Data shows otherwise. Rain is poor at clearing air pollution from the skies. Most of the time, it’s wind that blows pollution away … Read more

Houston Air Quality (AQI) and Texas Air Pollution

How is the Air Quality in Houston? Houston air quality exceeded the WHO annual limits on over one-third of days in 2020. Houston’s air quality averaged over four times the daily recommended limit of dangerous PM 2.5 pollutants on its worse day in 2020. 37% Of Days in Houston More … Read more

Chennai air pollution

Chennai Air Quality (AQI) and India Air Pollution

Air Quality in Chennai Chennai air quality in 2020 was rated ‘Unhealthy’. Chennai’s annual average AQI is 117, putting it in the lower half of India’s most polluted cities. Air Quality in Chennai Worse than WHO Target on 86% of days Chennai’s daily air quality levels exceeded the World Health … Read more

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