Why the Sqair Will Transform the Market for Clean Air

In 2013, I made a DIY purifier to get through an apocalyptic Beijing winter.

Beijing air pollution airpocalypse example


The DIY wasn’t pretty, but it worked. Hundreds of days of tests showed it cut tiny 0.5 micron particles in my bedroom by an average of 84% (1, 2, 3).


The DIY proved that air purifiers don’t have to cost $1,000. But now I have something way better. Meet The Sqair.

Meet The Sqair air purifier


Why The Sqair Is An Amazing Air Purifier

The Sqair is the most cost-effective purifier in the world. Really.  

I should admit I’m NOT an expert in air pollution. Yes, I’m a PhD-carrying professor, but I study social psychology, not fluid dynamics.

However, I understand data, and this machine provides the most clean air per dollar of any major purifier on the market. Here are the numbers.

Let’s start with the cost. Pretty simple.

Sqair Cost Comparison Dollar

Now here’s how much clean air the purifiers put out (measured by cubic meters per hour in CADR tests). Other than the big boxy $2,000 IQ Air, the Sqair leads the pack.


With cost and CADR, we can calculate how much clean air you get for every dollar you spend.


It’s that simple. The Sqair puts out the most clean air per dollar of any of the major purifier brands.

But Maybe It’s Really Noisy? 

But you might think, “OK, it’s effective, but it must be loud.” It’s actually quieter than all the others. It’s quieter than that $2,000 IQ Air, and it’s a whopping 13 decibels quieter than the market-leading Xiaomi.


OK, but maybe it hogs electricity? It actually uses less power than the expensive purifiers.

Smart Air Sqair air purifier power usage comparison with big air purifier brands


So there you have it, The Sqair air purifier in five graphs.

Bottom Line: Why the Sqair Will Transform the Market for Clean Air?

The Sqair air purifier is simple, strong yet quiet, energy-saving and cost-effective.

Smart Air

Want to learn more, you can check out The Sqair in our stores in China, India, Philippines and more countries. Check out The Sqair here.

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