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The AirVisual Outdoor is a weatherproof air pollution monitor designed for continuous outdoor use.
Join a global community of engaged citizen scientists and contribute to air quality research! Connect the AirVisual Outdoor to the AirVisual app or Google Maps to share hyper-local real time air quality data with millions of active users.


The ultimate outdoor air quality monitor

Did you know that air pollution in your city varies from one city block to the next and even within city blocks? Certainly the first step to improving the air we breathe is knowing what we breathe, where it comes from and how it can be improved. The AirVisual Outdoor is a great tool for measuring air pollution exposure from traffic and industry and environmental pollution, undoubtedly making it the ideal monitor to analyse local air quality surrounding your home, school or business.

IQAir Visual Outdoor

Professional-grade, precision measurements

The AirVisual Outdoor is an excellent air quality monitors for real-time outdoor air quality monitoring. The unit tracks coarse fine dust (PM10), fine dust (PM2.5), very fine dust (PM1) as well as CO2, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. The AirVisual Outdoor is weatherproof and contains 2 professional-grade laser sensors to measure and re-measure. As a result of IQAir’s high-precision air quality sensor technology you always get the most current, accurate information possible.

Easily mount your AirVisual Outdoor air quality monitor almost anywhere such as a wall, roof, or pole. Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G connectivity make this outdoor air quality monitor perfect for anywhere you need it. The internal memory allows 2 years of continuous data storage if the internet connection is lost. The device is rechargeable via electrical outlet or a USB port and overall sets up fast and easy with IQAir’s smartphone, tablet, or desktop app with millions of active users.

Change the world with your air quality data

Hyper-local, real-time air quality data helps to reduce your exposure to air pollution and increases the breadth and depth of air quality data where it’s most needed: in the fight against environmental injustice.

Monitoring air pollution data will help you to spot any sudden changes in air quality, allowing you to respond and take action. By connecting the AirVisual Outdoor to online air pollution platforms (such as IQAir AirVisual and Google Maps) you join a global community of engaged citizen scientists, reaching millions of active users who rely on contributors just like you. 

Monitoring air pollution data

By contributing your data you can help scientists better understand the environment and our relationship to it. Such information can be used to improve official air quality models used to estimate pollution levels and identify suitable actions to improve air quality. When it comes to health, this kind of knowledge can help communities shape policies that make a difference in the lives of many.

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PM2.5 Air Pollution, PM1 Air Pollution, PM10 Air Pollution

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