How Do I Choose Between 2 Sqairs and 1 Blast Mini?

The clean air delivered (CADR) by one Blast Mini or two Sqair air purifiers is very similar, which often leads people to ask the question: should I have one larger purifier or two smaller purifiers?

The main differences between choosing 2 Sqairs or one Blast Mini are:

  1. Noise: If you are sensitive to noise, then the Blast Mini on its highest setting has a lower noise footprint than two Sqairs.
  2. Size: The Sqair is a more compact purifier, which means it is better suited for spaces with less floor space. However, two Sqairs take up approximately the same floor space as one Blast Mini, but the Blast Mini is taller.
  3. Airflow direction: The Blast Mini blows air forwards out the front of the purifier, while the Sqair blows air upwards.
  4. Appearance: The Sqair’s sleek, nordic design is more elegant, and may fit better in a house environment. The Blast Mini is better suited for environments such as offices, schools and hospitals.
  5. HEPA filter lifespan: One Blast Mini has a HEPA filter lifespan of 13 months, whereas the Sqair’s HEPA filter lifespan is 6 months. The Sqair’s HEPA filter would need replacing approximately twice as often as the Blast Mini.

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