What is the CFM of Smart Air’s Filters?

CFM or ‘cfm’ stands for ‘cubic feet per minute’ and is a measurement of the airflow passing through an air purifier or air filter.

Smart Air provides airflow and CADR measurements for all our purifiers, which can find the value at the bottom of our purifier pages in the Smart Air shop. Note that Smart Air provides airflow in cubic meters per hour (in units m3/hr) Airflow in cubic meters per hour is often referred to as ‘CHM’ or ‘cmh’. To convert between CMH and CFM, you can use the following equation:


CFM= 0.59 x CMH


For example, the Smart Air Blast has an airflow of 1800m3/hr. Converted to CFM, that is 0.59 x 1800 = 1062cfm.


CFM and airflow vs. CADR

CFM, CMH and airflow should not be confused with CADR, these are two slightly different measures. More on how CADR is different from airflow »

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