Does Microwaving Masks Disinfect Viruses?

The researchers in Germany tested the effects of microwaving on Hepatitis C and HIV viruses, not coronaviruses. Although there isn’t research on microwaving Covid-19, scientists have tested this with human parainfluenza, an RNA virus similar to the coronavirus that infects humans.

These scientists put viruses on plastic petri dishes and microwaved them on high for 20 to 200 seconds. The data showed that microwaving for 3 minutes was enough to deactivate polio and parainfluenza viruses. And microwaving the mask did not harm the mask’s filtration effectiveness.

However, microwaving masks is dangerous. For one, microwaving can melt the material. What’s more, The Guardian reported that a man in the UK started a fire when he put a dishcloth in the microwave to sanitize it.

So it works, but we do not recommend to do it.

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