Which Way Round Should a Surgical Face Mask Go?

Surgical masks are designed to be worn in one direction only. However, it can be difficult to know which way round a medical face mask should go. Should the blue side face out, or in? Some surgical masks are white all over, which way round should these white face masks … Read more

ХЭПА шүүлтүүртэй агаар цэвэршүүлэгч Ковид-19-с хэрхэн хамгаалахад тусалж чадах вэ?

Агаар цэвэршүүлэгч нь вирусыг шүүхэд маш үр дүнтэй бөгөөд дамжих эрсдлийг бууруулж болох юм. Тэгэхдээ хэрэв Ковид-19 туссан эсвэл эдгэж байгаа хүнд агаар цэвэршүүлэгч хэрхэн тусалж чадах юм бол? Энэ нөхцөлд ХЭПА шүүлтүүр бүхий агаар цэвэршүүлэгчийг хэрхэн ашиглах нь үр дүнтэй вэ? ХЕПА шүүлтүүр бүхий агаар цэвэршүүлэгчийг Ковид-19-с эдгэж буй … Read more

Did Ulaanbaatar’s Air Quality Improve in Winter 2019/2020?

Analysis of the latest air quality data by Smart Air found that PM2.5 levels in Ulaanbaatar fell by 23% in the 2019 winter. The main reason is likely to be a new initiative introduced by the Government of Mongolia in May 2019 to from coal-fired stoves.  Despite the improvement, the … Read more

Хэрхэн өөртөө короновирусын маск хийх вэ?

Хэрхэн өөртөө короновирусын маск хийх вэ? Өөрийн гараар маск хийх нь галзуу санаа. Гэхдээ шинжлэх ухаанчдын туршилтаас гарсан тоо баримт ч адил галзуу юм. Яагаад өөрийн гараар маск хийх нь УТГАГҮЙ вэ? Аль хэдийнээ зах зээл дээр байдаг маскууд вирусыг шүүдэг гэдгийг судалгаанаас гарж болно. Бас дээрээс нь тэд нар … Read more

Can HEPA filters remove nanoparticles?

Multiple companies claim only their HEPA filters capture nanoparticles. But this is simply not true. Read on to find out why. Wikipedia’s article on HEPA filters states: “Standards require that an air filter must remove […] 99.97% of particles that have a size greater than or equal to 0.3 µm.” … Read more

Do We Need Car Air Purifiers?

Car air purifiers sound like a great idea. Soon after I started making DIYs, people emailed me asking if we could make a DIY for their car. My initial reaction was, “Great idea!” On the highways, we’re surrounded by all of that awful pollution. Best to get a car air purifier. … Read more

Does Closing the Windows Starve Us of Oxygen?

Air purifiers work best in a closed room environment and this worries some who are concerned that there wouldn’t be enough oxygen coming in when all doors and windows are closed. Yet recent tests in a real apartment — with as many as seven people in a small room — show less … Read more

Are Air Purifiers Effective If Windows are Opened?

Tests show that keeping the doors and windows closed will keep particulate levels at 50% less than outdoor air on average. But some people really want to keep their windows open. For some people, it’s an old wive’s tale that windows must be kept open. For others, it’s a way to … Read more

What’s CADR and how is it different from airflow?

When buying a purifier, you’ll sometimes see companies use the word “airflow” (风量) to describe an air purifier’s performance and other companies the word CADR (clean air delivery rate) as seen in the picture below.     They’re both a measure of purifier performance, but are they the same thing? … Read more

Smart Air low cost purifiers

Smart Air is a social enterprise that creates simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and provides free education to protect people’s health from the effects of air pollution. We are proud to be the only certified B-Corp dedicated to fighting air pollution.

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