How Is the International Shipping Fee Calculated?

The shipping fee is calculated automatically at the checkout page after you have chosen the country for delivery. If the shipping fee does not appear, it probably means we’ve never shipping to your country before! No worries though, we will send you an email regarding the shipping fee after the order has been placed.


We can offer shipping by sea, which is approximately 30-50% cheaper than the current air freight option. However, shipping takes around 1 month, and there’s a minimum shipping volume of 1 cubic meter (35 cubic feet). 1 cubic meter is equivalent to 3 Blast, or 5 Blast Minis, or 20 Sqairs. (more info on shipping volumes: )

The minimum shipping volume sounds like a lot, but if you know anybody else that want cost-effective clean air in their life, then you could consider making a group order to save you all on shipping! If so, let me know what quantity of each product you’d like, and I’ll make an inquiry with our logistics partner to get you an accurate price for the shipping.

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